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What Are Your Favorite Cover Songs?


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Joan Jett and she is sooooo hot in this video too.


o-- Use to Abuse - Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol orig.)
o-- Lit - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You) (Dramarama orig.)
o-- Zonaria - Mad World (Tears For Fears orig.)
o-- Angel Blake - Paint it Black (Rolling Stones orig.)
o-- Chridos - Flagpole Sitta' (Harvey Danger orig.)
o-- Social Distortion - Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash orig.)

I really do love cover songs. I never liked Johnny Cash or The Rolling Stones before somebody covered their songs.


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I think my favorite cover of all time is "Ruby Tuesday" by Franco Battiato. It's one of the few songs that just makes me stop and listen to it on repeat.


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Joe Cocker cover of "With a little help from my friends" which was the Beatles
James Marsters cover of "Just what I needed" originally the Cars
Basically everything in the movie "Across the universe"
Carrie Underwoods cover of "I Told You So" which was by Randy Travis (and they also have a duet version too)
Gary Allens cover of "Best I Ever Had" by Vertical Horizon
The before mentioned "Hurt" by Cash and "Turn the Page" from Metallica
Pearl Jams version of "Last Kiss" originally done by J. Frank Wilson
Limp Bizkit with "Behind Blue Eyes" formerly done by The Who
"Big Yellow Taxi" from Counting Crows, before by Joni Mitchell
"Ghost Riders in the Sky" when done by either Cash solo or The Highwaymen together, from Vaughn Monroe before that
"Simple Man" from ShineDown before by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I'm sure there are plenty others I could name, but these are the only ones currently in my collection.


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I don't usually like covers, but I like NIN's cover of "Metal" by Gary Numan.
YouTube - Nine Inch Nails - Metal


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What a fantastic thread! All kinds of great tunes have already been named--I've spent the last hour or so just listening to music posted here. Funny thing is that earlier today, I was listening to "Chulahoma: Songs of Junior Kimbrough", a tribute album by The Black Keys, and, oh my fuck, those boys just blow my mind. Pure aural ecstasy.

Here's a few tracks of the album:

YouTube - Black Keys - Meet Me in the City

YouTube - The Black Keys-Keep Your Hands Off Her

YouTube - Black Keys - My Mind is Ramblin