What are your current aspirations?


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What are you working towards right now?


Financially - to finish paying off my credit debt, and save 3-6 months of expenses as my emergency fund.

At Work - to impress my new job/boss and earn a raise when employee evaluations come around in September.

Relationships - to remember when I'm frustrated that I'd rather forgive something that feels like a big deal (and to be able to tell the difference between a real "big deal" and just "out of proportion") than lose the person I love more than anyone else over a series of dumb arguments.

Self-improvement - to quit procrastinating by prioritizing my freelance work when there's something more fun to do (there always is).

Health - to get back on a regulated sleep schedule, and re-start biking to work regularly.

For Myself - to write and record a song, even a silly one.


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Financially - to get a job and start saving.

At School - to get motivated and inspired to do work instead of talk to friends and sit and do nothing then stress over how piled up it is at the end of the week.

Relationships - i have no idea, everyone has different opinions of me. Most think im a cool person to talk to. Others, picky GUYS are very sarcastic and think anything i say is stupid. Yet i enjoy talking to them and spending time with them sometimes. :\

Self-improvement - to quit procrastinating and start to show a more positive attitude towards people and school.

Health - to get back on a regulated sleep schedule, and re-start walking to school regularly

For Myself - to read/write before bed.


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Financially - Putting more money towards my daughter's future / education, etc. and our retirement.

At Work - "Retiring" early, lol.

Relationships - Keeping intouch more with those who live in different parts of the world.

Self-improvement - Not being so hard on myself, physically.

Health - Continue taking good care of my overall health by exercising, eating healthfully. . .and loving & laughing alot.:D

For Myself - To relax before bed.
Financially - Continue saving as I have been and be able to pay my mum back at the end of school. She's my bank loan.

At Work - N/A for right now but hopefully be able to find something next Summer, and then the year after that I'll need to get a full-time job.

Relationships - Need to start trusting people again and open up quicker. And start up conversations more often instead of not bothering even when I miss someone. I guess I'm going to lose touch with a whole lot of people if I keep that up.

Self-improvement - Use my spare time wisely instead of sitting around and.... filling in aspiration forms :p

Health - Stay focused over Summer. It's so much easier at university, and I get lazy at home. Luckily I've only been back 1.5 weeks.

For Myself - To learn Italian (round 2).


School - To take good grades for these exams; To finish university in time and get graduated this year in July. [hopefully].

Financially - To finish university and find a good job

Health - to go back to the gym after a 2 weeks hiatus now, because of the overwhelming exams.

Hobbies - To start singing again, recording new songs.


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School - to get an ADN then hopefully a Master's in Nursing, maybe become a nurse practitioner.

Health - getting in the best shape of my life, which I haven't been in about 6 years.

Self Improvement - to not let stupid little things bother me, and to handle the not stupid big things more calmly. to be more kind than I believe myself capable.

Financially - Well I am making 4 times more than I did with my last job and I got $$$$ in the bank, not a lot mind you but tons better than I had the last 10 years.

Health - Well i can't complain since I am 49 and sometimes I feel like a 25 year old but there's never one around, LOL

Self Improvement - find better things to do in my spare time, that is when I get any spare time

Relationships - Well I would like to start one soon

Work - just go on the way I have been and having some fun at work and joking around there and making the money that I am currently making.

For Myself - get out more, spend more time with family and read more as I am way behind on my reading and buy more beer


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Financially - to my debtssssssssssssssssss

At Work- to watch my favorite tv series and stop checking my FB

Relationships - to be more cool and act as if its nothing and as for my family ... to be more responsible as i can be ..

Self-improvement - to uttering or writing bad words..swearing is my hobby

Health -hmmmmp my tummy gets bigger and bigger ...i want to start the water theraphy....hope i can make it

For Myself - to sleep more than 7 hours/a day