What Are You Working On?


Ms. Malone
Anything good?

A few things in my case, a fantasy which i'm seriously stuck on because i can't figure out how to get to the ending...and i must be a few chapters off from completing it.

A...nother fantasy, i guess, inspired by the Admixed Embryo fuss that went on earlier this year; it's kind of Maximum Ride-ish but i enjoy writing it...has a crappy title though.

I wrote...half...maybe a full page of a POTC fanfiction, i have a dream of playing Captain Jack's daughter :lol: so i thought i'd try whipping up a fanfiction about it; sometimes it helps to lift the block.
I've been working off and on for a couple years now on a story called "Good Bye Blue Bell" it's your typical sappy romance. Well not entirely if you read the book "Everything Changes" it's more in sync with that. Anyway, I lost over 180 pages of work last winter and since then have been struggling to try and pick it back up.


Ms. Malone
That really sucks Sui. I have it backed up on a dongle but i dread taking it to BEST in case i loose ot :S
Yeah I never thought to back it up, and then my hard drive crashed one day. .. .. yeah. I wasn't a happy camper. Still kinda bitter about it. After something like that it's just really hard to get the motivation to write again. Thats why I'm kinda excited that RP is back. Now I can work on writing again :)


For a Free Scotland
A collection of abstract writings, some of which you can see in the "Journey Into the Formless" threads.

That's briefly on hold because I wasn't happy with what was happening with them.

I'm planning to churn out some more poetry as of now. My long term (this year) plan is to complete a couple real short stories.


Guardian of the Light
For a while now I've been working on a book called "Legacy" it's about a great war over a power that only few have the power to wield but I can't give away more than that, it would ruin the whole entire book.


- Diderot Reborn -
well, I've arranged the songs on a piano, so I know what they sound like, and I have everything written out. once all of it is written I'm going to go through and transcribe each one.


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I have an idea for a book I'd like to get going. It will have to wait a bit though. If I do it I want to do it over a month or two of constant writing. Not here or there when I have time so I'll have to wait until I have a few months with nothing to do...