What are you sitting in?


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I've always preferred couches to arm chairs. With couches, you can swing your feet up and sprawl out. And also, if you don't feel like sleeping in your bed, you can sleep on the couch. The unfortunate downside to couches is that they take up alot of space, and moving them in and out of an apartment or house difficult. Arm chairs are nice, but it's kind of hard to sleep in one. Bean bag chairs or large pillows are great too. I really wish that I had one of those. That'd be sweet

How about yourselves, what do you prefer to sit on? What are you currently sitting on? Had any good couches that got away?


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I prefer couches. Or couches that pull out into beds. I have one like that, but it is such a bitch to move. I moved 4 times last year, and each time I had to get someone different to help move my couch as it was so heavy and big and they all refused to do it a second time.

I also really like Lazy Boys...Lay Z Boys. I can't think how they spell it. But they are just as awesome as couches to fall asleep on.

I've not lucky enough to own a bean bag chair but they sound pretty damn comfy.
The most comfortable thing I have sat in is actually an armchair that my mom and dad gave me for my current apartment. Sadly, it's gotten pretty beaten up in a college apartment, but I still love the hell out of it. I like having stability on both sides of me.

As for what I'm currently sitting in, I'm rocking one if these bad boys:

Pretty comfortable desk chair in my opinion.


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At the computer I use a wooden chair, I guess it's just what I like to use at the computer.

Otherwise I have this moon chair that I really like to use for Watching TV, gaming, and reading.

It looks about like that and it's a really comfortable chair.


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hahaha moon chair... lol I cant say I'd ever heard it called that but I'll make sure to make a note of it next time I see one.

I'm usually sitting in just a standard ol' run of the mill office rolly chair when I'm doing most of my posting from work. When I'm at home, especially lately I've pulled my Futon up into a reclined couch and I just post like that. Its uber comfortable and considering its 6 inch memory foam... its very relaxing!


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I prefer sitting on a sofa because I get to cuddle up with my boyfriend. We only have armchairs in our living room as it's not big enough for a sofa with everything else we have in there.
I am currently sitting on a hard chair which belongs to the dining table. It's not very comfortable but it's good for the back.


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I prefer sitting on my bed.

As for chairs, I'm fine with anything that doesn't risk to snag the clothes I'm wearing. If I can rest my back, that's better. I don't know what the chair I'm currently sitting on is called. If I see a similar pic, I'll post it here later.


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I prefer couches, although I prefer the couch to be worn in. Cause I don't want the couch to be too firm. I like it when it kinda sinks in.

A lazy boy is good too but its a little harder to sleep on


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Chairs...but only cause my mum has constant dibs on the sofa.

I can actually curl up and go to sleep in a chair, i just wedge myself between the arms; it was a habit i got into between college and BSL :lol: