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What are you REALLY hungry for?


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Andrew, you had me excited for a second, thinking there was actually a decent pizza buffet in the midwest (I'm in MI) but I guess we still only have CiCi's which I would NOT recommend unless they have a free pizza night.
BTW only two of the locations are in the true mid-west MN and IA.
Sorry. :( I'm sad enough that they don't have it out where I live now either. If you ever get a chance to travel through any of the areas where they have a Valentino's you should definitely make the effort to stop by. I'm sad again just thinking about how far away I am from it now. I used to go there all the time.

As for Ci-Ci's.... I've been there too. It hardly compares.. In fact it does not compare at all unless you actually prefer cracker hard crust as opposed to freshly baked dough... Uggh.

And all this talk about Chinese is making me want some again. I had some a week or so ago and it really is one of my favorite types of food. I don't ever know the names of anything but I can recognize the things I like at least. :D


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Thats odd. Our Ci-Ci's doesn't sell hard crust. In fact, I find their pizzas to be muy delicioso.


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The closest to us is about an hour away, but yeah, it's good stuff. Maybe it's because it's a big change, but the crust is pretty good. It's nice and soft.


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I'm trying to decide on something for lunch right now. I'm hungry but nothing really sounds good. Hmmmmm