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What are you REALLY hungry for?


Wanna play?
It's nothing more exciting than all the taco ingredients thrown into a mini bag of Doritos or corn chips and eaten right out of the bag. Mmmmmm
I think it tasted so good because we were sitting around a campfire and eating it, but I'm still looking forward to having it again.


New Member
No, Andrew. You Only Live Twice. (Couldn't resist...)

But what I want right now is a Baconator from Wendy's.
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A grilled steak, cooked rare; steak fries; and a salad with blue cheese dressing.



Not a Scientologist
A few slices of Mexican pizza.


Wanna play?
Maledoro's post yesterday made me crave the whole steak dinner..I did make a few modifications though..steak (medium) baked potato loaded...I did keep the blue cheese dressing though! Mmmmmmmm

Now I'd love something italian.:nod:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
For some reason I want some well made Mexican food. I tried a new local place, but the food wasn't very good. I didn't even get beans or rice.


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Anyone here from the midwest? If so there is a pizza buffet called Valentino's that is pretty awesome. I stopped by there the other day while driving back home from vacation. Basically it's an all you can eat pizza, salad, Italian, fried chicken and shrimp, and desert buffet. It costs around $7 or $8 depending on when you go.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go back. It's only in the midwest though so I'll have to wait a while. :(