What are you looking forward to seeing most?


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This upcoming season, what are you most excited to see?

Personally, I want to see the development in Andrea Bargnani's game. I want to see if he has expanded his game. I want to see if he will post up more and to see if he has improved his post game. I want to see how his defense if. Is he still a piss poor defender or has he actually figured help defense? Can he hold his own down low against some of the other centers in the league? Lastly, I want to see if he is a better rebounder. I want to see him at least show more effort on the glass. I expect at least 6 rebounds a game. Anything else is inexcusable.

So what are you looking forward to seeing the most from the Raptors?

(Please don't say: "I just want to see them play." Actually talk about a certain aspect.)


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I am also really excited to see if Il Mago improved his game during the summer. Will he be able to improve from his rookie season, did he had anything to his reportoire.

I'm also excited to see the new additions to the team, can Delfino and Kapono fit in our system, I am wondering if they'll be able to improve our team from last season.

I am looking forward to see if Bosh can become better then last season, I am wondering if he can get any better, will be able to average another double double this season, did he improve his defense, has he become a better shot blocker.

There's a lot to look forward this season, and another one of them is are the Raptors really good? What I mean by that is the Atlantic improve this off season, will the Raptors be able to win it again.


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I'm sure every Raptors fan can't wait to see how Andrea Bargnani will do this year. If he actually improved on his defence, and rebounding is my biggest intrigued. Also I'm wondering if he learned how to drive with more force to the hole.

Carlos Delfino and Jason Kapono intrigue me a lot. Especially Delfino...I have a gut feeling he might help us in a lot of ways. Jason Kapono can shoot the lights out, but I'm wondering how else he's going to help us.

I'm intrigued to see Chris Bosh, TJ Ford and Andrea Bargnani play together(especially Bosh and Bargnani) This should be quite the triple threath. I'm also wondering if we can compete with the Boston Celtics this year. The new crowned Atlantic Division winners by so many people.

The thing I'm most looking forward to is the season to begin. I'm already starting to count down the days.