What are you looking first when you buy a game?


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What are you looking first when you buy a game?

Everyone sure had different choice when they want to buy a game. So I'd like to know what are you looking first when you buy a game? :nod:

1. The Cover?
2. The Title?
3. The Genre?
4. The Publisher?
5. The Graphic or Screenshot?
6. The Review that tell you about the background story?
7. Or you had the other choice?

Please tell me :confused:


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Quality and length, that's all there is too it. Will the game last me more than a few hours and will I want to play it again? Is it a good game in terms of being fun?


Firstly, it's the genre. It might be the best story in the world, the best graphics etc, but if it's a genre I don't particularly care for then I'll leave it. Anything free-roaming is good for me.


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Fun factor. To find this, I'll play a demo to get an idea what the end product might be, or (preferably) play the finished product itself somehow. After playing for some time, if I'm enjoying it, then I'll go and buy it.


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I always read and compare reviews online, both from critics and from the players. I like to hear what other people think of a game before I pick it up ^^ It's extremely unlikely for me to pick up a game that 80% of consumers have complained about, but on the other hand, there's almost no way I WON'T be playing a game that everyone LOVES =3 Well, unless it's a genre I don't care for X3


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Well, when I look at a game. I look for the fact if its compatible with my pc/gaming system. Then, I look at quality, and whether it is worth playing; Is it a game my friends play?; Does it really capture my attention?. The rating is also what I look for. If it is rated M, It is very unlikely I will play it. Unless it is a story line. I personally do not care for first-person shooter, but I do enjoy games like Spore, The Sims 2(Sims 3 soon!), Little Big Planet etc.

Also, I like looking at the title and/or subtitles. Is it in a series?; Is its name creative?. Abnormal game titles attract me. I don't know why. They just do.

Anyways. Thanks for taking your time to read this post. :), Big words are hard for the normal "geek" to understand if you catch my drift. :)

First off checking the genre: I enjoy strategy more that action games where I tend to shoot blindy at zombies(and miss). Next the development: I find out about the game and follow the development till the release, if the game lives up to what I expected. The campaign or missions: a good storyline throughout the games campaign.