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What are you Eating Now?


Son of Liberty
Chinese food. Racing was back, so with it, one of our Sunday staples. I have missed it. Haha.
I’ve never been into Nascar but it was nice to see some sports on TV, huh?

I just ate a FireHouse sub, the Turkey Bacon Ranch.


Registered Member
I usually like chicken salad sandwiches. But today, I wasn't in the mood to eat one. However, I did so anyway, as I couldn't find anything better in my house.

I'll have to go to the grocery store soon.


Registered Member
I'll be eating supper in about forty five minutes after the time of this writing. I'll be having chicken thighs, cream corn, and stuffing.


Registered Member
I just had a bologna sandwich and potato chips for lunch.

Normally, I would have soup along with the sandwich. However, I've been eating a lot of soup lately. So I needed a break from soup.


Registered Member
A bowl of plain spring mix, no dressing, nothing else. I love the flavors of the various greens in most spring mix and enjoy it by itself.