What Are You Doing on St.Patricks Day?

Me, well it's the 17th so problay go to the parade!And eat lots of food..Because
I'm part Irish!Great times lat year huge party![SARCASM]Like I went[/SARCASM]


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Spending birthday money as my birthday is 2 days before. I plan on buying a lot of new clothes since I really don't think I'm dressing as nice as I should be now.


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I'm probably gonna get high, depending on how much pot I have. I don't like drinking.


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Probably what I normally do. Just sitting by myself working on film projects and stuff. I have no drinking buddies, so I won't be hanging out with them, but if I did, I'm sure it would be a grand old time.


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How old are you, like 14 or 15? You'll want to drink when you get older, trust me. I used to say I'd never do drugs when I was younger, but I started smoking pot when I was 15.


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Buckeye101 said:
You'll want to drink when you get older, trust me.
Yeah, why would he?

Sword_Hunter said:
I believe in myself and don't give up and drink my sorrows away like some people.
Do me a favor will ya? Stick to that promise. Or at least, don't ever drink just to get drunk and don't ever smoke just to get high. That would be dumb and that's when it gets to be repetitive. Make sure that if you do either of those things you're in a controlled setting where you know nothing bad would happen. It takes a lot of responsibility that most teenagers are not ready for. If you start before you're ready, you could become dependent on it. Don't want that.