What are you doing for thanksgiving?


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I'm sharing thanks giving with family. It'll be my first one away from N.Y.C, but I'm sure it'll be just as good.
I'm looking for ways to make myself happy, but it's not working. I am depressed farther than even friends can help, and my life sucks...

Don't let those things stop the celebrations though...Happy Turkey Day everyone...


Just me and my dad this year. My mom and my brother are off at a soccer tournament. So it's just the two of us.


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Family, which I plan to avoid. Probably will read all this left-wing trash I bought at Towers.


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These are my plans for today.

Call Denise at 11
Hang up at 11:50
Leave the house at 12
Drive to Orlando
Drop mother off at airport
Dad and I go out to eat for lunch
Come back
Have a small thanksgiving dinner
My sister, dad and I part and go our seperate ways.
Go to room
Rejoice that there is no mother for a while
Call Denise again. ^.^


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I'll be spending this Thanksgiving with my family. As usual the schedule will include eat, drink, watch football, and repeat as necessary.

About the same I know Ill be paying attention I have several Fantasy Football players going today in my money league.

Also everyone have at happy and safe Thanksgiving :)


I didn't do anything spectacular yesterday. My mom just made a turkey and my family, including myself of course, ate it. That's all...