What are you a snob about?


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What are you a snob about? In other words, what is something you just can't bring yourself to compromise on? It can be type of clothing, brandnames for foods or alcohol ect.



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I've become kind of a beer snob lately. I don't like any of the cheap brand name stuff like Miller, Bud, or Coors. I refuse to buy that crap unless it's for a party or drinking games or something. There's no sense in wasting good beer on a drinking game. But otherwise I will only get premium imports or American craft brews.


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I don't like to compromise quality when it comes to something going into my body (like food, drink, etc.). As far as clothing goes, if I like it, I'll buy it whether it's from a store (like Sainsburys, Target, etc.) or a chic boutique, although I am snobby when it comes to shoes, undies, make-up and handbags, lol. As for things for the house (such as furniture, decor, etc.) again if I like it, I'll buy it. In a nutshell, I can't say that I'm too high maintenance because I will compromise. When it comes to people, yeah, I've come across a few twats in my time who think they're better than everyone else but for me it's quite easy to walk away from them, after all, it's their issue(s) not mine.


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I am a complete wine snob!! I like a good wine and I like my wine to compliment my food. It's my weakness.

Other than that I am very down to earth :)


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To me, it's all about customer service. Im not sorry to say it, if I go somewhere (restaurant or otherwise which provides it), it doesn't have to be top notch, just decent enough for someone to enjoy their time out. Don't be a d**k to the people who are coming into your establishment for whatever reason and think they don't deserve some awesome service. A lot of my tips mainly goes to their customer service and how well they came across to me as a whole.



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I'm a beer snob too. I won't drink any "regular" beers because I just don't like the taste. If that makes me a snob, oh well.

I also don't compromise on food - I don't buy any overly processed food, or eggs from factory farms, or milk/dairy from cows that are given RBGH. I don't think that makes me a snob, either, just concerned about what I put into my/my families bodies


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I'm a food snob, because I don't like anything. Don't ask me why, but I hate sushi, mustard, mayo, onions, man, fuckin' everything!

I eat four-legged animals and chicken. No fish. Fruits and very few veggies. I'm very picky and if you were to offer me a meal at your house that had something in it I did not like I would be a snob and turn you down. Even if I was STARVING.


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The only thing I'm really snob about is buying brandnames for clothes and shoes. I'd never ever go to a place like Wal-Mart to buy clothes I usually wear out. I rather pay something 100 dollars and enjoy it and know that it will last for a long period of time then go to wal-mart and buy something for 20 dollars and will last me 3 months.

As for beer, I love trying cheaper beers or non-brandname beers because I've always had a fascination trying new beers and hoping to find something that I will enjoy. I definitely found 5-6 different kinds that I actually drink on a regular basis.


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Definitely a food snob. There are certain foods I won't compromise on and have to buy the brand name one. Also, i'm kinda snobby with clothing, I won't shop at certain stores because they are cheap. There are a certain label of pants I buy that are like $150, and I can get some practically the same for $40 somewhere else, but I refuse to.