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Miscellaneous What are these mystery objects?


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My sister found these in a box with some Christmas stuff from the previous home owners. Any idea what they are? Thanks!



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Hmm, my guess is either beating sticks, as in blunt force trauma. Or, beating sticks, as in for percussion instruments. Possibly you found Cleopatra's famed invention: the earliest recorded dildo ( true story, she is credited with creating the dildo. Can you say dildo here or should i write " d#ld*")


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My guess would be some kind of shakers, maracas, or percussion beaters too. They're pretty, any way up. Maybe the last owners brought them back from some holiday or other?

And Ian, we say worse things than 'dildo' around here, but I'm not a mod, so don't take my word as law! :p


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Thanks for the replies! Out of the choices listed, I hope they are beating sticks, as in for percussion. However, they are quite heavy, so they probably are the kind that inflicts pain. I REALLY hope they aren't Cleopatra's invention... haha!


They look like weapons to me, especially the one with the strap around the wrist, that looks like it was made for inflicting pain.


I am the woolrus
To me they look a but decorative to be instruments purely used to beat people with!

Just looking at them first time, they looked like some sort of ceremonial sticks. Like something a voodoo priest would shake about while he does his thang. I'd have em checked out! Look out for the antiques roadshow next time it comes to town! :p


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they look like some form of native American war club... the smaller one does any way... the bigger has more of a Celtic look to it... but i'm no expert on artefacts so don't take my word for it...


Sally Twit
You look like you could stir your soup and mash your potatoes with those bad boys.

Interesting find. Is your sister going to get them valued? She could be sitting on a gold mine.


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May be some sort of cooking utensil? Maybe a woodshop project that even the kid who made it wasn't really sure what he/she was creating. A smell test might rule out Cleo...ewww that was nasty.
Oh, btw, after seeing your Kermit pic Dobzy, it reminded me of the muppets "Ante Up" video. You tube it if you like to laugh til it hurts!
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Thanks again for all of the replies! Love the Antiques Roadshow idea, but unfortunately Boston's show for next month is already out of tickets, boo! :(

I have no idea if my sister will get them checked out, but I definitely would have gone to Boston for her, I love that show.

ianstarboarder- thanks for the video recommendation, I'll be checking it out after this reply! Who doesn't love a good laugh? :)