What are some unusual situations you have been in?


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Tell of some awkward or unusual situations you have been in.

For me, it was only maybe 2 months ago. My friend Leena and her boyfriend and I were out to club for fun, dancing and games. Soon before we leave Leena and her boyfriend have argument, so Leena and I go to Leena's home where I was to stay the night. Leena lives to a small guest home next to her parents home. I go to take shower and as I am in shower, I hear Leena and her boyfriend speaking, then Leena comes in to bath room to Pee lol. There is only curtain for bathroom door, so her boyfriend comes in as well!! So they are speaking to make up and I am in the shower. After few minutes I say to them if they can do this some place else in the home so I may finish my shower lol.


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I'm often in unusuable situations beacause I can't reconize some people I just see one or two times(physionomist?). I see someone coming and say "hi, what's up", begin to talk to me. I don't know who he is and can't remember, just know I see him somewhere...I hate this situation!!