What are some of your favorite Big Hair Ballads?


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I know I'm going to miss some, but here's a few that I really enjoy:

-Europe: Carrie
-Firehouse: All she wrote
-Def Leppard: Women, Rocket, Armegeddon It, Animal
-REO Speedwago: High on me, Take it on the Run
-Whitesnake: Here we go again, Through the night
-Aerosmith: Dream On, Amazing, Crazy
-Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
-Scorpions: Don't believe her, No one like you

I can actually keep going for another 30 minutes, I love hair bands.
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Ok....LOVE this thread -

Europe: Carrie, Final Countdown

Aerosmith: Dream On, Amazing, Crazy and Jaded!

Survivor: Eye of the Tiger

Alice Cooper - Poison

Bonnie Tyler - I need a hero and total eclipse - obvs

Starship - We built this city

Foreigner - I wanna know What Love Is

Bon Jovi - most things lol! I <3 Always, Bed of Roses and You Give Love A Bad Name


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