What animes do you gravitate towards??


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After a while everyone establishes a taste in animes. And there are some animes that I tend to gravitate towards over others.

So what animes do you take more of an interest in and what genre do you tend to not like as much.

I tend to gravitate towards mechas and some comedy-romance animes.

I avoid or dislike most fighting animes. If they are just fighting non-stop it gets a little dull I need some character interaction.


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I like a lot of Samurai animes like Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai Champloo. Other then that I'm pretty open with what I like. I'll watch Comedy, Romance, Mecha and anything else you can think of. I also agree I don't like a animes where there's fighting non-stop I like to get to know the characters in the animes I watch.


rainbow 11!
Comedy romance with a little bit of lesbian on the side. Stick it in the oven until it reaches a coming of age tale and it's done.


A Darker Knight
Comedy is the first thing I have to have. No comedy = No buy. Then it needs art that I like. As far is the rest, it just needs a good balanced story line. Intense action scene, comic relief...the works...


Ms. Malone
Anything that isn't too sci-fi-ish, i enjoyed gundam wing but i'm drawn to anything, hell i even watched flint the time detective! ^___^