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What animal/creature wouldn't you eat?


Well-Known Member
Has anybody ever had the deep ocean fish? I mean the kind the explodes when you bring it over the surface because of the way the it's body reacts to the insane weight of the water, it suddenly won't nave any weight on it to keep it shaped. By the way deep ocean fish are really cool, I would definitely eat one.


People. Too chewy I hear.

Kittens. All I would be able to think about is "I r chezzburgur"

Flamingos and swans because they are beautiful.

Mare Tranquillity

Elite Intellectual
I've been a vegan for more than half my life so I wouldn't eat any animal, fish, bird, insect, or human. Someone once said that eating animals is just cannibalism without its heroic dish.

Any creature that suffers pain or any product that is derived from animals (like milk or pate) is totally off my list of things to eat. Including bee vomit.

It intrigues me that the criterion for what goes into your mouths has nothing to do with ethics (except perhaps for not eating people) or the suffering of sentient beings who share the planet with you. It seems that taste, adventure, and the "ick!" reflex are the governing factors.


Son of Liberty
I cant stand the taste of sheep/lamb. It disturbs me to no end! I swear every time I've eaten either...to me it tastes like theres fur and blah... just no... none of that for me.

Other than that Im down to eat anything!


The Original Kiwi
Snailsewww, just ewww.


New Member
i also wouldn't eat a dog or cat because i like both, and i am allergic to cats so. i also won't eat rooster testicles. eeeewwwww.