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What animal/creature wouldn't you eat?


Food Whore
I was having a discussion with my friends at the local radio station about an interesting topic yesterday, What animal would you not eat?

Here is scenario, You are in a restaurant. On the menu there is all sorts of animals and creatures. Now, assuming that there are no religious taboos about eating certain things, everything is prepared correctly/safely (you have nothing to do with the way the food is prepared.), and you are not allergic to anything, what animals/creatures would you not eat?

I wouldn't eat a Sea Sponge or a Tapeworm. Everything else would be pretty tasty.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wouldn't eat any insect, unless I was guaranteed to benefit from it, i.e. money from a game show or something... and I'm not even talking the possibility of winning money, I would need a guarantee.

I would eat most any animal if it was prepared correctly. I've heard dogs and cats taste pretty good in fact. Would I eat my own dog? Absolutely not, but I would eat one that I didn't see before it was "prepared". I figure why not. It wouldn't be my first choice, but, hey if it was there I might try it.

Anyone had crocodile? Now that is a fine meal. I had it fried "popcorn" style and wow it was good.

I had octopus before. It's really not that good at all and it's very slimy. I'd eat it again but again, it wouldn't be near the top of my list at all.

There are probably other animals or creatures that I would not eat but I can't think of them right now. I might have to reply again if somebody else thinks of something else that is pretty nasty.


Well-Known Member
Parasites, poisonous spiders, and pets that I owned. If for some strange reason people are included in this, I am not a cannibal and would never eat another person. There are some weird things that I have heard about, such as eating shark, it would be pretty good tasting, I think. Or maybe polar bears, or penguins. Pretty much every animal tastes good, but remember that not everything tastes like chicken. Just about the only thing that tastes like chicken is chicken.


what? no pink?
okey well absolutely NOT a dog or cat. Sorry even if it wasn't my own pet I could not ever bring myself to do that. Also no insects or live still squirming around fishy things. eeek *full body shiver*

would not eat snake either, that's just gross. Alot of people like it apparently but not me. I would never make it on survivor or fear factor. Even if I knew it was going to be my money I have way to much of a gag reflex to do that lol

Well yea of course humans, would never do that. I am sure there are alot more but I can't think of them either hehe so that's a good list for now : )


New Member
I'm a pesco-vegan. If it's not fish or something similar to prawns or squid then I won't eat it. I don't really like the taste of meat. :-/


Registered Member
For me no insects, dogs, cats, or snakes. I heard other countries consider these animals to be delicatesens. Just the thought of it just gross me out. I also won't eat anything that I personally witness to be killed and serve to me. I think the whole concept of everything taste liek chicken tend to hold true.


Registered User
Oh, my, I would not eat squid or octopuse. I heard that they are not very good, and they just look like they would be slimy.

I wouldn't eat any kind of snake. I hate snake, even enough to not have them in my mouth.

I don't think I would eat bugs, I am a very pick eater. I watched Fear Factor and hated the eating tests. I couldn't turn away granted, but it always made me sick to see them stuff that in their mouths.

I always loved hearing, "this is a delicatice in another country." (I am pretty sure I mispelled "del?") But I don't care about the other countries concerning that kind of thing. I love my food, pizza, hamburgers, and stake. Yeah, that is good.


Food Whore
Oh, my, I would not eat squid or octopuse.
More fried calamari for me then.

Cat/Dog: It would probably be like eating some bad Chinese food.

Bugs: if they were cooked and nice and crispy.

Snakes: barbecued.

Food For thought: Iguana Dumplings.... Sounds DELICIOUS.