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What Andrew does when he's not doing admin on AS-


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Ahhahahaa yea it a funny one


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I think the question needs to be raised... was he going to eat the french fry when he picked it up off his car floor???

I was laughing out loud reading that. I felt kind of bad for laughing, but I think he meant it to be funny.. :lol:

And wait a minute......... That's NOT me!! lol
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I like the captions that kid put in there. I use to work at McDonald's myself. It really sucked when they had 49 cent cheeseburgers because they put me on the grill all day. The best thing about working there was taking the left over foods when the restaurant closed. I always went for the chicken nuggets. :D


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Lord dragon did you not watch SUPER SIZE ME? LOL


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hahahahah BAHahahahaha Andrew..Andrew....Next time just ask someone to buy you another fries.....you don't have to eat off the dirty car floor...ewwwww
I hope you get your $2000.00 for your mom's car....



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Forehead Guy said:
I sent him a question about the 5 second rule LOL! Wonder if he will post it.

Yup, he posted it....lol he didn't have much to say about it though....lol you caught him off guard.....lol