What academic degree do you have?


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Has it really helped (or do you think it will help) you a lot in your post-education life/career?


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I have a Bachelor of Arts (Both accounting and math majors)

It has helped me get my current job can't imagine going with out it.


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I have a high school diploma and almost have a bachelors of science in biology. Both have been and will continue to be absolutely essential for my line of work. I will probably get at least a masters degree as well. Or maybe a JD. I haven't decided.


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I've got BA in Behavioral Studies and MS in Pyschology. Helped me fast track my career when I was single. Then I stopped working to be full time mom (3 kids). For some it translates to wasting my education just because I chose to apply my studies now with my family and other relationships instead of my career.


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I have a B.A in Computer Science (and a teacher's certificate), I was going to go into it, but then started a family so I work in something completely different. I might go into teaching or programming later.


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I'm a college dropout. I went for two years but after talking to people in my field opted to not pursue a degree my second year and just take classes that interest me. Currently I'm a mom but have done some photography in the past and hope tp have a business again when the kids are a little older. I am grateful for what I learned in my photography classes as they gave me a solid foundation to build on.


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why have you never told me this???
I have a BS in Psychology. It has not helped me yet.
You didn't get my telepathic message?

I know about your degree. It probably helps you more than you realize.