What about your school?


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Does your school have an anime club? i used to go to it freshmen and sophmore year but it sucks.


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Lol. I remember trying to start an anime club in high school. It failed miserably. And it wasn't sponsored by my school or anything. I was given permission to hang up signs about it at school though. Meetings were held at my house, and it usually ended up being me and a couple of friends, and maybe one or two other semi-interested people. I did it for a few weeks and then gave up.

I sure got crap from some people about it though. I think a lot more people "accept" anime now, and kids don't get teased as much for liking it.


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There was only me and a hand full of others in the entire state that even knew what anime was when I went to high school.

You guys are so lucky that you can pop off to the local store and get your anime, back in the day you had to go to a specialty shop or comic shop to get them and they would run you anywhere from $45.oo to $100.00 depending on the Anime and even then it was hard to find good ones because noone realy knew what they were.

But you are right, Anime is now a widely accepted thing.


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Haha. Yeah....remember when Ranma 1/2 had only 2 episodes per VHS tape? And each VHS was still a whopping $25-$30? xD


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heh... my school has an anime club, I have never ever attended it though, I don't really see the point in it, a lot of people that go don't want me there and I don't really like anime (or most other things for that matter) to begin with.
There used to be, but it shut down last quarter, I was going to revive it, but the person who was heading clubs as a whole left.


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I wasn't even aware of what clubs my high school had, nor am I aware of clubs that my college has.

To be honest, I wouldn't know where to look for such clubs in the first place. lol