What about my brand name? Help me select.

I'm an artist and Im going to sell several greeting cards online. Want to create a web site and brand it. At the moment only one name pops into my mind. It's "Greetiness". What do you think? It has a bad association with "greediness", but also a good association with "greatiness". What do you think of it? Also, what about "Belated"? IT sounds nice for me, but also i see some bad associations. People my think what here is only for belated birthdays, but I will be selling for all occasions. Also, people may think that their orders will come always belated :). Maybe you can help me and come up with something unusual? Something without a word "greet" in it or similar..
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"Greetiness" does sound too much like "Greediness". I wouldn't even consider that one... What about "GREETNESS"? "Belated" is to blah... It doesn't sell your uniqueness or your products...
Now you could put the two together: "Greeted" ? lol
"Great Greetings" ?

Maybe something more generalized with a unique catchy name... I suggest one- or two-word names...


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I was also going to suggest 'Greetness' before I saw that friend358 had said it. 'Greetiness' doesn't have an association with Greatness in my mind -- you said Greatiness, which, unfortunately, isn't a word :p

'Belated' makes me think of someone who's deceased, even though I don't believe there's a direct association with that word...


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Greets Online

Donny's Cards (if it catches on people could be like "Oh, maybe I'll get him/her one of those Donny Cards")

Happy Moment (or Moments)

Greet Master

Greeting Temple

Greet Temple

those are just some random, top-of-my-head examples..
I'll let you know if anything else comes up.