What a convvo with a ho

n00b is kai

[23:26] *** Is0L4T3dn00b has joined the chat.
[23:27] XZ0cool: hello there
[23:27] ComradeButters: way to spell it there blur lmao
[23:27] XZ0cool: lol :D
[23:27] Is0L4T3dn00b: who else is coming?
[23:27] XZ0cool: so let me get this straight, you leave because someone used the change other persons member title item in the store and said u dont kiss girls
[23:27] XZ0cool: that is a very lame reason to leave
[23:27] ComradeButters: just us 3, blur wanted to see how much of a cry baby you are basically
[23:27] ComradeButters: and he cant spell genius right
[23:27] XZ0cool: yes i want to get this straight lol i dunno whole story
[23:27] XZ0cool: piccolho
[23:27] ComradeButters: read the damn thread
[23:27] XZ0cool: if you dont shut the fuck up
[23:28] XZ0cool: lol
[23:28] XZ0cool: jk
[23:28] ComradeButters: hahah you dont need to call me Piccolo here ya fucker
[23:28] XZ0cool: yea cause u a pickle ho
[23:28] Is0L4T3dn00b: o_O
[23:28] ComradeButters: hahha hey you saw what i am gettin when i go home so fuck you
[23:28] XZ0cool: thats what your girlfriend looked like when u said ya wouldnt kis her
[23:28] XZ0cool: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[23:28] XZ0cool: l
[23:28] XZ0cool: jk
[23:28] ComradeButters: lmfau fuck you
[23:28] XZ0cool: XD
[23:28] ComradeButters: o*
[23:28] XZ0cool: ho*
[23:28] XZ0cool: LOL
[23:29] ComradeButters: hahaha
[23:29] Is0L4T3dn00b: =\
[23:29] XZ0cool: well anyway
[23:29] ComradeButters: are you high blur?
[23:29] XZ0cool: man
[23:29] XZ0cool: i must tell you
[23:29] XZ0cool: i am a bit on the roasty roasty
[23:29] ComradeButters: im just going to assume yes
[23:29] XZ0cool: lmfaoo
[23:29] ComradeButters: yeah thought so
[23:29] ComradeButters: hahahahha
[23:29] XZ0cool: man but listn to this kai
[23:29] XZ0cool: i dont get why you gonnaa leave
[23:29] ComradeButters: blurs high, so its important
[23:29] XZ0cool: cause we are some cool motherfuckers
[23:29] XZ0cool: and all we want is for other cool motherfuckers like myself and this ho in here
[23:30] XZ0cool: to be cool with each others and shit
[23:30] XZ0cool: so when people acting all a ruckus like you did
[23:30] XZ0cool: an then u say you will leave
[23:30] ComradeButters: a ruckus hahah
[23:30] XZ0cool: it just makes me baffle
[23:30] XZ0cool: like
[23:30] XZ0cool: the fuck?
[23:30] XZ0cool: ya know ?
[23:30] Is0L4T3dn00b: sure
[23:30] XZ0cool: so i am asking for an armistance
[23:30] Is0L4T3dn00b: damn it whats his name
[23:30] XZ0cool: is it or is it not for the beneficials of this community
[23:30] Is0L4T3dn00b: all this time
[23:30] Is0L4T3dn00b: wait up dog
[23:31] XZ0cool: that you do not leave
[23:31] ComradeButters: blur i should probably save this chat hahahha
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: wait
[23:31] XZ0cool: but you become a great poster here
[23:31] XZ0cool: the fuck
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: dont type anything
[23:31] XZ0cool: k
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: i have somthing to sau dog
[23:31] ComradeButters: dont type anything?
[23:31] XZ0cool: waht why
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: say*
[23:31] XZ0cool: ok say that
[23:31] XZ0cool: im listningg
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: wait up
[23:31] ComradeButters: hahah he says dog too
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: i cant remember his name
[23:31] XZ0cool: who?
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: damn it
[23:31] XZ0cool: is it lavoid gaskens
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: that hispanic comic
[23:31] XZ0cool: oh you mean carlos mencia
[23:31] Is0L4T3dn00b: yea
[23:31] XZ0cool: that dudes a kneeslapper
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: u sound like him
[23:32] *** barfootboards has joined the chat.
[23:32] ComradeButters: haha its Bar wooooooo!!!!!!!!!
[23:32] XZ0cool: the fuck u know how i sound like
[23:32] XZ0cool: u fuckin sonar ebitch
[23:32] XZ0cool: ???
[23:32] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:32] XZ0cool: aye but anyway
[23:32] ComradeButters: hahahhhaa
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: nah not sound
[23:32] XZ0cool: i like ya man
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: but liek
[23:32] barfootboards: what the heel i coem into
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: u type like him
[23:32] XZ0cool: i think we can be close buddies if we stick to gether
[23:32] XZ0cool: man u be chattin with him?
[23:32] ComradeButters: i dont know Bar I thought it'd be funny
[23:32] ComradeButters: lol
[23:32] XZ0cool: yall be on myspizace
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: hell yeah
[23:32] XZ0cool: u serious
[23:32] barfootboards: of course it will be
[23:32] Is0L4T3dn00b: he is my brothers friend
[23:32] XZ0cool: that is some crazy shit
[23:32] ComradeButters: hahaha
[23:32] XZ0cool: man i wanna meat that motherfucker
[23:33] Is0L4T3dn00b: he went to skool w/ him
[23:33] barfootboards: too bad u missed the moose bashing
[23:33] ComradeButters: this is that Kai guy
[23:33] ComradeButters: who called me a bitch haha
[23:33] XZ0cool: man but i must say
[23:33] ComradeButters: and who is afraid to kiss women
[23:33] XZ0cool: why do you call piccolho a bitch
[23:33] XZ0cool: he is a cool ass motherfucker like me
[23:33] barfootboards: i kno
[23:33] Is0L4T3dn00b: i aint fucking afraid!
[23:33] ComradeButters: not as high as much but still
[23:33] XZ0cool: naw man he is just sencative
[23:33] XZ0cool: its all good in the hood
[23:33] barfootboards: word
[23:33] ComradeButters: lmao
[23:33] XZ0cool: but man if u dont wanna kiss yet
[23:33] Is0L4T3dn00b: i just be trippen when i type that shit
[23:33] XZ0cool: its all good man
[23:33] XZ0cool: trippin*
[23:33] XZ0cool: man spell my fav word right
[23:33] XZ0cool: god damnit
[23:34] ComradeButters: yeah sure ya have
[23:34] XZ0cool: but anyway
[23:34] XZ0cool: man we can be cool people but ya got to not leave about petty shit
[23:34] ComradeButters: what exactly do you "trip" on there Kai?
[23:34] Is0L4T3dn00b: penis
[23:34] XZ0cool: and pretty soon you will want to kiss that girl on the nipples
[23:34] XZ0cool: the hell penis, this shit is gay now?
[23:34] ComradeButters: well that confirms my theory of you being gay
[23:34] Is0L4T3dn00b: -_-
[23:34] barfootboards: good shit there^
[23:34] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:34] ComradeButters: lmao bar
[23:34] Is0L4T3dn00b: nothing wrong w/ liking revvy
[23:35] XZ0cool: what the hell
[23:35] XZ0cool: i dunt know what rewy is but it better not be slang for schlong
[23:35] barfootboards: the whole "good shit there" thing wa sment to be under the nipples but im too slow
[23:35] XZ0cool: but anyway man
[23:35] XZ0cool: kai what do u say
[23:35] XZ0cool: are we cool again
[23:35] Is0L4T3dn00b: i say
[23:35] barfootboards: like the other side of the pillow
[23:35] XZ0cool: cause i dont want no beef i kill cows and eat pastures homie
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: u fucking carlo's brother or somthing
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: really
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: make a racist joke
[23:36] XZ0cool: i dont fuck dudes
[23:36] ComradeButters: what?
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: i know u know 1
[23:36] barfootboards: huh
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: omfg
[23:36] XZ0cool: i fuck my hand, watermelons, and girls
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: carlos macias
[23:36] barfootboards: what about him
[23:36] barfootboards: mencias****?
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: w/e
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: i dont carwe about his name
[23:36] barfootboards: ok
[23:36] Is0L4T3dn00b: i see him like once every year
[23:36] XZ0cool: what do u care about
[23:36] barfootboards: now what the hell u talkin about
[23:37] XZ0cool: penis
[23:37] XZ0cool: ooooOOooo
[23:37] XZ0cool: i got that fire
[23:37] Is0L4T3dn00b: revvy
[23:37] XZ0cool: THE FUCK IS THAT
[23:37] barfootboards: lmao
[23:37] barfootboards: yeah
[23:37] barfootboards: seriously
[23:37] Is0L4T3dn00b: google it
[23:37] XZ0cool: man what
[23:37] barfootboards: ....rather not
[23:37] XZ0cool: U AINT FOOLIN
[23:37] XZ0cool: for SHEEYT
[23:38] Is0L4T3dn00b: r u a nigger?
[23:38] XZ0cool: "black dude 13 inch dick gives revvy to the mexican bartender dude"
[23:38] XZ0cool: i can see that shit in the google now
[23:38] XZ0cool: gay shit
[23:38] barfootboards: nigga****?
[23:38] XZ0cool: the fuck man
[23:38] XZ0cool: u better not use that er
[23:38] XZ0cool: u are a dead man at my hood
[23:38] XZ0cool: and no i am white
[23:38] XZ0cool: so im a honkey cracker
[23:38] barfootboards: it happens
[23:38] XZ0cool: ya fuckin duck
[23:38] Is0L4T3dn00b: i guess
[23:39] XZ0cool: but man what were ya sayin
[23:39] Is0L4T3dn00b: revvy
[23:39] XZ0cool: what is revvy
[23:39] ComradeButters: hahah woot i got food now
[23:39] ComradeButters: i dont know whats going on
[23:39] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:39] ComradeButters: but hey ok
[23:39] XZ0cool: SHUT UP SWINE
[23:39] ComradeButters: haha YOU SACK OF WINE
[23:39] barfootboards: no dude ugotta admit that was funny
[23:39] XZ0cool: oh my lord
[23:39] Is0L4T3dn00b: python
[23:39] barfootboards: just outta no where
[23:39] Is0L4T3dn00b: nigga said hell no
[23:39] XZ0cool: who is this nigga you speak of
[23:39] Is0L4T3dn00b: revvy
[23:39] XZ0cool: do we have a track star in this piece
[23:39] XZ0cool: revvy
[23:40] Is0L4T3dn00b: revision
[23:40] XZ0cool: revvy revvy REVVY THESE NUTS
[23:40] XZ0cool: wait nvm dont
[23:40] XZ0cool: revision
[23:40] XZ0cool: now this dude has the dictionary up?
[23:40] XZ0cool: the hell
[23:40] barfootboards: ok i looked it up ... its either a small dog in water or a paintball gun
[23:40] XZ0cool: ....
[23:40] XZ0cool: LOL
[23:40] XZ0cool: IN THE TUB
[23:40] barfootboards: i google imaged it
[23:41] barfootboards: or yahoo .. i forget'
[23:41] Is0L4T3dn00b: i got hoarces
[23:41] XZ0cool: but ok what does revvy have to do with our cool ass forums that u want to leave
[23:42] Is0L4T3dn00b: oh
[23:42] Is0L4T3dn00b: nuthin
[23:42] Is0L4T3dn00b: xD
[23:42] XZ0cool: the FUCK
[23:42] barfootboards: uwanna leave?
[23:42] Is0L4T3dn00b: geringaia
[23:42] XZ0cool: dog u got me all in a bamboozle
[23:42] XZ0cool: i dont even know what the hell
[23:42] XZ0cool: man im smokin this shit
[23:42] XZ0cool: and im readin this shit
[23:42] barfootboards: u jus say bamboozal?
[23:42] XZ0cool: and it isnt workin man
[23:42] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:42] barfootboards: boozle*
[23:42] XZ0cool: fuck yea i want booze
[23:42] ComradeButters: i am eating hamburger helper and drinking grey goose
[23:42] XZ0cool: fresh out tho
[23:42] ComradeButters: hooray
[23:43] XZ0cool: bitch didnt i tell you to stfu
[23:43] barfootboards: sounds good!
[23:43] barfootboards: i need sum
[23:43] barfootboards: calm down hes funny as shit at the moment
[23:43] XZ0cool: what?
[23:43] Is0L4T3dn00b: who's
[23:43] XZ0cool: whos?
[23:43] barfootboards: the piccle ho
[23:43] XZ0cool: the fuck is this 20 questin
[23:43] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:44] XZ0cool: what about that ho
[23:44] barfootboards: XZ0cool: bitch didnt i tell you to stfu
[23:44] XZ0cool: that ho is my ho i pimp that street corner slut with my pimp cain
[23:44] barfootboards: BarFootBoards: calm down hes funny as shit at the moment
[23:44] barfootboards: i kno u do
[23:44] XZ0cool: hey
[23:44] XZ0cool: kai
[23:44] XZ0cool: do you wanna work for me too
[23:45] XZ0cool: you get all the coke lines you can snort
[23:45] XZ0cool: long as u bring me my damn money
[23:45] barfootboards: come one, the nigga gotta keep that hand strong!
[23:45] barfootboards: so what ya say kai?
[23:45] XZ0cool: i got these streets sewed up from here to new jersey
[23:45] XZ0cool: ya be workin for the fuckin king
[23:45] barfootboards: thats where i am!
[23:45] barfootboards: lmfao
[23:45] XZ0cool: king blur the thizerd
[23:45] barfootboards: lol
[23:45] XZ0cool: yea i pimped some of your jersey bitches a few years back
[23:46] XZ0cool: dropped them hoes off nuttin but tricks
[23:46] barfootboards: yeah it aint hard
[23:46] XZ0cool: kai
[23:46] Is0L4T3dn00b: whut
[23:46] XZ0cool: do you wanna work the streets with me
[23:46] XZ0cool: i show ya the tricks gettin niggas money
[23:46] Is0L4T3dn00b: nah
[23:46] XZ0cool: suck a dick for a hundred
[23:46] XZ0cool: eat a ass for 2 hundred
[23:46] Is0L4T3dn00b: wtf
[23:46] barfootboards: lmao
[23:47] Is0L4T3dn00b: ur fuckin stupid
[23:47] XZ0cool: dont even deny it
[23:47] XZ0cool: ya do that shit for free now anyway
[23:47] XZ0cool: why not get pay
[23:47] *** Is0L4T3dn00b has left the chat.
[23:47] XZ0cool: LMAO
[23:47] XZ0cool: what a ho


screw you for making me read that whole thing..i just lost IQ :mad:

but then again..ill probably lose more later on tonight when i drink my liver into submission and add another black coating on the good ol lungs :D

Anonym0uz Bitch

SenatorB said:
You guys are dicks...
Look whose talking, and this was drunkin/high fun anyway.
why are we dicks...he is the one who leaves the forum after such a minor thing...and posts it in a msg expecting us to care...and i kinda dont remember that shit even i said some retarded shit. lol re readin it now