Whaley might not be a Raptor

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Toronto Sun - Michael Naiditch, the agent for new Raptors center Robert Whaley, is worried that the Raptors haven't even asked the second-year NBAer to come to Toronto and take a physical following last week's trade which sent Rafael Araujo to the Jazz.

    Whaley was thrown into the deal along with Kris Humphries to make the salaries match, and according to the Toronto Sun Humphries touched down in town a few days ago for his physical. Naiditch hopes the Raptors either commit to Whaley or waive him -- and not leave him dangling in the wind.

    "It's hard for me to say anything about Robert being waived. They make that decision," Naiditch said. "But if they are going to waive him, the sooner the better. The (NBA) Summer League is coming up (in the first week of July) and it would be nice for Robert to be free to play for a team that's really interested in him."


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    it's possible that Toronto may waive him but if toronto can't have enough players for inside positions, he will be a standard bench player for Toronto. they haven't got big targets so they can give youth players a chance
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    I think that's a sign that they won't keep him if they didn't give hima physichal before coming to toronto. They do need big people # 4 but they have money to get a legimate big man in the free agent market or they could go threw the draft and draft one. I don't think Robert Whaley will be a Toronto Raptor at the beginning of the season.

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