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Were your children planned?


Sally Twit
I agree. There are too many kids these days that actually plan to get pregnant themselves. I've seen countless children pushing prams with another one on the way. It's very sad.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
When I think of "planned" I think of couples who are actively trying to conceive (TTC). By that definition, only my middle child was planned. After having a boy (not planned but he appeared and it was one of the best news ever), we were actively trying for another one, hoping it's a girl. And then we had her. My third one is probably the most unplanned ever because not only she appeared after one sexual encounter (in the span of more than a year of not having sex with my ex), it was with two birth control methods (obviously not the best ones) that failed.


Registered Member
Children should always be planned but done so while married. This makes life easier but people tend to make their own lives hard by not using common sense.

My child was planned and so will every single child I have. Because my wife and I are responsible adults with common sense. Which, in fact, most of this world lacks. Sad but truthfully accurate.


Registered Member
Yes our daughter was planned and the summer of "trying" to get pregnant was great :lol: Thank god it took until October!


not a plastic bag
My 1st daughter was planned. After she was born, a friend of mine explained how oral birth control is form of abortion(turns out the Pope is right) and so the next 4 pregnancies were not planned.


Registered Member
Neither of mine were planned. I sobbed when I found out I was pregnant with my first and that was when a was 33. With the second I thought it was too soon, but at least I didn't have a melt down. Being a mother is the best though!!