Were You The Bully?


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When you was at school were you the one administering the taunting and beatings?

Did you feel pressured into filling the position of the school bully.

No, I was never the bully at school. I took a back seat with things like that. I kept my head down and got on with my own business. I would have been a lousy bully any way. For a start I wasn't physically imposing at that age and I'm too much of a nice guy to have ever been a heartless bully.


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No. I was the bullied. Well, in seventh and eight grade I was. I was a knottied haired girl that no one really liked. Eventually I grew out of that though to what I am today.


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No I wasn't the bully, I just think it was a mean thing to do, and I didn't see any point of bullying other people. It could really damage their lives in my opinion.
I was the quiet kid that got bullied. From about 1st grade until about 7th grade I was harassed constantly. Then I stopped letting shit get to me and they laid off.


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No, I was never the bully at school. I'm too nice to be a bully to be honest. I would feel really bad about it.
I did get bullied a few times though, but nothing drastic.


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I was the bullied. Just because i'm quiet doesn't mean I'm weird, I just don't have a lot to say!


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I was never ever a bully. I couldn't dare do that to anyone. I was always the kind of person that was friends with everyone no matter who they were, and the person usually sticking up for the person being bullied. I am really nice, but things like that set off a spark off and I get mean to people who can treat other people so crudely.


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I was bullied a little in grade school, but was popular in high school. Some of my friends would bully by nominating a girl that had no hope of winning home coming, things like that, but I never really saw people bullying to the point of violence or stealing. I went to a very small school.


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I was generally on the receiving end of the bullying.

However, I was sometimes mean to people, as a sort of defense mechanism. I used it as a way to deflect attention from myself. I learned that if someone attacked me, and I attacked back, I was no longer the bottom of the food chain. Or if someone attacked me, and I pointed out that "At least I'm not as bad as that other person", it had a similar effect.

Also, sometimes I bullied my little brothers. But they deserved it ;)

Seriously though, I'm ashamed about some of the things I did, but I can't say for sure that if I had to do it again that I'd do it any differently.
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Almost everyone here so far said they were bullied... I always wondered what type of people were attracted to internet foruming. :lol:

I was never the bully. I was way too shy for that. I did get in trouble for bullying once but only because I gave a sweet that I found on the floor to a girl in my class and she found out it was dirty and wouldn't shut up crying LOL. I honestly didn't think I was doing anything wrong, it was a jelly bean thing and I knew she loved them so I thought I was being nice haha. She was bullied by people on a number of occasions though so anyone who got on the wrong side of her was automatically marked down as 'bullying' her :rolleyes:

But anyways, I was never bullied either. Almost everyone was on friendly terms with eachother in my school so I never had to worry about it.