Were You Spoilt?


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As a child, did your parents spoil you or over protect you?

For me I was well looked after but never spoilt. I was given what I needed and sometimes no more than that. Of course if I was good at school I got the occasional treat but I don't ever remember getting spoilt on a regular basis.


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I wasn't spolit as a child. I got what I needed and also sometimes a little bit more... nothing over the top.
I got a few "Well done gifts" for getting good grades etc... but on the whole I wouldnt say I got spoilt.
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MY parents treated me right, but I was never spoiled. I had to work if I wanted some money. In my personal opinion only childs are more spoiled then if you have a brother or sister.


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I always got something that I wanted, but never all the things I wanted, and nothing expensive either. It didn't matter if I had temper tantrums or anything, my parents never caved.


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I wasn't spoilt. I got everything i needed, i'm glad i wasn't spoilt beacuse that means i learnt the value of life and many other things too.
Hard to say, because my parents were always generous, though I never really wanted much. So to say I got everything I asked for would be accurate yet deceiving.


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Nope not spoilt what so ever. I was told if I wanted something beyond what they should provide it was my responsibility to pay for it.


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I was far from spoilt. I got what i needed in the way of clothes, food, etc but anything that i wanted i had to pay for out of my pocket money (which was below average for the chores i had to do). On the other hand, both my brothers got whatever they asked for...the joys of having a step-mother that doesnt like you i guess.


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I wouldn't say I was spoiled, but I was given more than perhaps I deserved. However, ever since getting out on my own at 19, I've had to work my ass off. So I am grateful for that.


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I can honestly say that I was never a spoilt child. My folks did the best they could with what they had, they were both in the military.
I had food clothes and a roof over my head and went to several good schools, got to travel the world, as for spending money I got an allowance of 10 bucks a week (I know not much).

I learned really early on if I wanted something I had to work to get it. My folks taught me to work smart not hard..Hard work will get you things but working smart will get you many things and faster too.

This is the same thing I will teach my boys. I think alot of kids now a days need to learn this.

But no I was never a spoilt child.