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Were they right or wrong......


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The idea of the park is a good one....a few flaws I can see in the plan. Peds can have kids of their own or as we know they tend to attract kids and can be trusted members of the community (scout leaders etc) so not so hard for one to get in the park with a kid. Should this woman have been ticketed? Don't think we have the whole story. Why was she there? Yes, she said she didn't see the sign (that should be fixed ASAP...much bigger sign) but what questions were asked and what were her answers etc. A warning and her info may have been a better idea. Keep an eye out if she returns. Then again if parents feel safe in this park why take a chance? Guess I'm torn also.


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yea that is a hard one. Personally in this case I think they should have given the woman a warning, and told her to move on since she said she hadn't seen the sign and then maybe invest in a bigger sign : ) but what the park spokesman said made no sense.

"The spokesman told the paper that ticketing a woman in the park in the middle of the day is not the way you want to enforce the rule."

okey so children are in the park in the middle of the day duh... so I would think that would be when you want to enforce the rule. .and just because she is a woman doesn't matter, women can be pediphiles too, IE the teacher and her 14 yr old student.....but common sense should be used, especially since it is a new rule, they should be warning people first before being so ticket happy. $1000 and 90 days in jail.....ouch....


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Sometimes a little common sense can go a long ways.