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Well Well Well...


Well-Known Member
I feel like a big goof, I didn't have to remember my email, just my username and password, thankfully I remembered that >,,,<

Howdy guys and dolls! It's super exciting to be back on the forums! The feeling of nostalgia and seeing everyone active just boosted my body and gave me the warm tingles...but I won't tell you where thought....it was in my toes, I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

My name is Shwa for those unfamiliar, I was a regular during my time in GF, and I'm super excited to begin posting again with the friends I've made here throughout the years. Man, how time flies by :-3

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It’s so awesome to see you back here. Dive right in my friend. You were tremendously missed.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Happy you came back. Hope things have been going great for you. Now get to posting.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Hey Shwa, how's it going? Been a long time, man. Nice to see you around!


Registered Member

(Felt like recycling an old introduction post)

But, all joking aside, welcome aboard.


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This is what happens when I hide in the nfl section and don't come out, I miss all the old regulars coming back.

Welcome back Shwa...doesn't feel like you left as I see you post on Facebook pretty often but good to see you back in the old haunt.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
oh so you remembered or did they reset you pw? Glad to see an oldie on my rare times I could visit these days.