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I had an amazing time at CMU... man I miss it so much. I learned a ton and a half and I am still digesting it all, but I am back home for a week! Keeping true to my theatre, I will be at the O-Shakes festival from the 18th - 23rd. BUT! I am back for now, and I will be posting more consistently than the past six weeks.
My classes were amazing!
Acting - mainly scene-work and how to tell a story without using the words, but body language with the words on top.
Movement - like yoga on steroids with acting mixed in
Auditions - how to choose a good monologue and do well at a college audition
Speech - how to speak clearly and voice-over acting [[ cough!HYBRIX!cough ]]
Styles - shakespeare/ other classical monologues
Drama Lit - dramaturgy and how it applies to plays and how to read and analyze a play as a play rather than as a novel
Improv - i bet you can all guess what this was haha

Anyhow - best six weeks of a summer EVER, and I LOVED the people there. I was crying on the plane back, and I really miss having my roommate there and all my other friends a stone's throw away and the purnell building... well I have my broken tailbone to remind me I guess haha. Oh dear, I still have to tell that story to you guys don't i?



Chapter One: Purnell
I know that most of you don't know, so let me explain: they wheel around in a circle. one end is a pivot, the other has a wheel on it. people spin around on them all the time. its rather fun usually :)
So i was perched on the wheel end of one of these benches, when we decided to spin it, so my friend kicked the bench to get it going... and he kicked it out from under me. I had no hold on the bench, no traction or anything, so the bench left my butt and i went plop straight onto my tailbone, and I bounced. I went to class, thinking it was just a bruise. But durring class, my vision went blurry and i saw black around the edges and I got really worried.

Chapter Two: Health Center
By the time I got out of class, my vision was going in and out of focus, the top of my spine hurt, the bottom of my spine hurt, and my tailbone hurt, not to mention a huge headache. I had taken some ibuprofen but it wasnt helping much, so I called my mom and described my symptoms to her. She said to go to the Health Center, so I did and they said to go to the ER.

Chapter Three: The ER
Mallory [[ my counselor ]] called Campus Security and we went to the Childrens Hospital [[ I wasn't 18 yet (8 days later, and i would have been toast!), so I get faster service there than I would at a regular hospital ]], and I got a CT scan and an X-Ray there. I described all my symptoms about 15 jillion times, and the doctor said that the burred vision makes no sense unless I hit my head as well. I didn't hit my head, so she said it's probably just a minor concussion. Nothing serious showed up on my CT scan or X-Ray, so they sent me home about about three hours saying "thanks for making sure, don't stress yourself."

Chapter Four: Back at the Dorms
I got back to the dorms safe and sound, but then I got a phone call from the Childrens Hospital - a radiologist looked at my X-Ray, and said that I might have cracked my tailbone. Now, if they had caught that while I was still in the building, there would not be much they could do about it other than say, "if you're still in pain in about 3-to-4 days, call this number and come back."

Chapter Five: Four Days Later
It still hurt. I called the number that the hospital gave me, and the day before my birthday, I had an appointment to get another X-Ray to see what can be done. The X-Rays showed that my tailbone was pretty badly cracked, but nothing could be done unless it inverted, which is REALLY painful so I don't want that. The doc said that it could take up to three months to fully heal.

So, long in short, I fell off a bench, had a minor concussion, and I still a badly cracked tailbone.


rainbow 11!
YES. About time you're back!

And *hugs* that sucks. :[ I am glad you're okay though!