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Well...it's over.


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Well I broke up with my girlfriend last night. I just feel like talking about it since I think it will make me feel better. Girls are weird guys, if you didn't know. Don't ever try to understand them fully, because I do believe it's an impossible feat. We had been together for 5 and a half months, and we go to college together but she lives in Penn. and me in Virginia. So it's hard being far away during this time. But she did visit me a few weeks ago and things were great then and then a couple weeks later she tells me there is this other guy that she is interested in and is going to date in the near future. The thing is she says she loves me and she wants to be with me yet she is willing to just throw it all away that easily. I deserve better than to be treated like that and although it's really hard, I knew I would be better off without her so I said it's over. It really sucks and I'm kinda down now but I know I will eventually get over it. I'm sorry if none of you care about this and I know it's personal but I just felt like sharing. Sorry if I bored you or something. I just hate when you really like a girl and then something happens and it's over just like that. It's a horrible feeling. This girlfriend was my best ever and I've had my fair share. I never thought it would end so soon. I had high hopes. Oh well, I guess that's life. Now I will just have to move on and I will do my best. Girls are just so difficult, I wish it was easier than it is.


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well long distant relationships usually never work out for the best.

Im not quite sure what to read of your post, but from my understanding, you broke up with her because she said she wanted to go out on a date with another guy

did you bother to ask you how interested she was in this guy, or what she was going to do with said guy. im just speculating here, but either way she got what she wanted, she either wanted you to tell her not to go out with this guy and be in a huff about it, or she wanted you to break up with her (she also could have been going in the trust angle, but thats usually not a factor, least i have never run into that)

I am sorry to hear of your breakup, but you will have to think about multiple things when dealing with weird questions from women.

the thing is, that it didnt sound like you put up too much of a fight, and women love that shit, though you will never hear them admit it

Master Windu

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yeah i tried long distrance once and i just didnt work. coulda been worse, she could just cheated on you w/o you knowing. at least she was nice and told you there was someone else. maybe this is just a swing and things will patch up in college in august. who knows?


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im sorry about that... if you still are talking to her just ask be honest with her and ask her why she would want to see another guy. Im pretty sure you did that, if it were me i would give her two choices either you can date him or me but not both and put the decision on you. If you didnt do that then you still can might save the relationship.


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This is why I have no plans for dating in the forseeable future.

The idea of paying for meals and enduring crappy chick flicks only for crap like that to happen just doesn't seem worth it.


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Ok well there is more to the story I should say to help make it clearer. This problem with this guy has come up in the past. It came up early on in our relationship, but I talked her out of it and she stayed with me. We became much closer and stuff and then he came up again earlier this summer. I told her she needed to decide then and she wasn't sure so then she came to visit me and that's when we had a great time and she said she wanted me. Now she is torn over him still and I don't need or want that. Yes, I want to be with her. But I deserve better than to be treated like that and it doesn't matter what she feels for me it seems since she is all about him and hasn't gotten over him for all this time. So there is more to the story. Maybe that makes it more understandable. Long distance is hard for sure, and I know that has to do with it. But I know we will be back together in school, but I just can't see myself taking her back for all she's done. She really doesn't deserve it and I don't want to put myself in a position again to get hurt. It's not worth it. JJ, I did tell her she can't date both of us and she seems to think she has to date him no matter what. So that's a big reason why I don't want any part of it.


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Yeah, girls is crazy stuff. Just don't put yourself back in to that position. If she wants him over you, just drop her, and move on. Though that may sound harsh, it is what ye have to do. If you let her back, there's a good chance she'll just do it again. Maybe it's just my pessimism acting up, but if it were me personally I wouldn't get back with her. I understand how much that sucks, though I haven't had one myself, I can just def. say you just have to try to move on. Sorry that happened to ya dude, I hope it all works out for ya in the end and you find a scantaly-clad Ashanti (Or any other really hot chick) watin' for ya at the end mi amigo.