Well done boys!

Hey dudes, this is Drky from FC.
How many of you guys remember me? LOL.

I just want to say, BIG CHANGE! And an amazing change at that. Good job with the forums boys.


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he's back? then why does he only have one post? Somethings not right here. he needs to get his FC account transferred not start a new account, if that's what he did.

am i just confused?


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He hasn't had his post count fixed yet. Give it time, child.

What was your FC stats, DF?
Thanks for the welcome guys.

I don't know about my stats at FC...a lot?? Don't worry about adjusting my stats, I'm fine starting off as a youngin on the forums.

Maybe you could do a search through the database for my username though? If you guys are still using the original database, I should be user #1 or 2.

Again, good job with the website. Is Massey and Vince still around? Or is he Michael Jordon now?
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He's MJ now. :) And welcome back. Drop me a PM with your username from FC and your email from FC and I can give you your old postcount if you like. :)


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OMG Drky it's been a long time buddy, how have you been my friend. Hopefully things are better in your life since we last chatted.

Just a little history on Drky, he was one of the original members and admins on Fusion Central, he's like Hybrix he knows so much when it comes to VBulletin and such. He's helped me so much in the past and I'm greatful for everything he did for me. If it wasn't for him then we probably wouldn't of mergerd with you guys, because he's the one who got me my first Vbulletin.

Welcome back my friend hopefully you'll be an active member at General Forum, I'm very glad your here.