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Well.. disappointed and peeved.


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I wanted to take a hand at the scrapbooking: paper piecing section. There's some high dollar scrapbook stuff selling over there. I've actually done it before, but not with an album. I worked on a mini album for like a WEEK (my dining room table was a mess), paid $20 for a featured auction and put a reserve on it that barely covered my expenses ($39.99). It didn't even meet reserve. :( Now I'm out my feature listing fees. I guess it sucked. I had 550 hits on the auction.

I'm going to be more careful and think things like this through better next time.

BUT, I thought of a tip. Get a bigger bang for your buck on the features.

Next one, I'm going to think ahead and find 4-10 related items, list all the other things first, and then the featured item last. I'll then put in the featured item, links to all the other items I have for sale also (with picture links). That way, I can get 10 featured items, for the price of one.


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Is that the purse one I liked... that was soo cute... I noticed the reserve on it...

I would have doubled the cost of how much it cost to make when I listed it... then put a reserve and not a feature... only maybe a coloured background...

It was very pretty... I'm a big fan of yours... :)


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Thank you tania, I appreciate that! I really like it too, and I think I will just keep it rather than try to relist it. I was only $7 from the reserve, maybe tomorrow I'll email the high bidder and ask her if she's interested. I dunno.

The problem with it not being a feature is kinda like over in the bizarre category, it gets lost really fast unless people are looking for you.

I do have another idea for another book (i'm a sucker.. and i can KEEP this one if It doesn't sell lol). I'm going to make a scrapbook style wedding planner/workbook. Pockets for reciepts, tables for costs, etc. A planner and a wedding keepsake.

maybe i"ll keep it for myself anyway hah.

Well.. looking up.

the person that was high bidder but did not meet reserve emailed me. She wanted the album for a convention they are doing as a give away. I told her I could not take any less than the reserve (would be nice to get some of my $$ back at this point, but won't be upset if she doesn't take it).

she also wanted 2 of my purses that I didn't sell, so I gave her a discount on those. I really couldn't give much of a discount on one of them.

she is putting on a purse/scrapbook convention (which sounds like heaven to me). And she may order some more purses. So there i go. I will stop belly aching now. LOL
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