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When I first came here I was greeted warmly by members and it felt really welcoming.
So I started doing the same to other new comers, till I took a break for maternity leave.
Since I've come back I haven't welcomed anyone new, for no particular reason. Though I know I should start greeting them again, it is only polite.

Are you the welcoming type of person? On GF or offline?

Offline, I love welocming people into my home, and being the hostest. It's a nice feeling.


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Sometimes I do my duty and welcome the fresh fish and sometimes I let others carry the ball. If I see a noob's intro thread going unanswered, though, I'll always jump in it and post.

EDIT: Like you, I got a nice warm welcome from a lot of good folks. Most of them are now among my very favorites of all the millions and millions of people living in my PC.
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If I see a particularly interesting looking intro thread, then yeah, I'll wander in and make my presence known.

However, I don't do it as much as I used to. In the old days I was very welcoming and friendly to everyone. Now, I often don't see the point. As in the case of the above thread, although seemingly interesting, they post once and disappear. :shake:
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Offline: Yes, I'm welcoming. I almost act like an unpaid tourist guide often.

Online: I tend to welcome newbies who I've noticed posting elsewhere already or who have interesting introductions.
Regardless of the intro I welcome newbies, asking about their intrests, joke around. Now the effort seems worthless as more and more said newbies are one-post-wonders.
If I see a welcome thread on the 'Latest posts' lists when I first come on to GF, then 8 times out of 10 I'll reply to it. I do it because I never expected anyone to reply to a 'hi, i'm new' thread when I first signed up, and I was so surprised that people did that it made me want to come back, so thats why. I think sometimes it makes all the difference.


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I'll often welcome a new comer to GF if they come across as interesting.

Offline I really couldn't say. I don't really approach strangers - I wait for them to approach me.


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I will welcome people if they seem to be interesting and put a little effort into there welcome post. Offline I am a welcoming person, I will chat with strangers and stuff like that.


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I do it both online and offline. I think everyone knows that I welcome a lot of new members to these forums. I just think it's better that way, because it makes them more comfortable at the forums.