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Welcome to the Gnosis (I have cookies)


New Member
Hello Ladies and Gentleman. I first heard of this forum from well...it quite a tale so sit back and i shall tell you a tale.
One day after work i went to Mcdonalds to get a Mcflurry (A tasty delicious treat that i enjoy thoroughly). I said "Can i get a Mcflurry?". Then a boy came up to me possibly just reaching manhood the age of 15 or maybe 16. He turned and stared very maliciously with a keen smile and licked his lips and said "Would you like fries with that...FAT BOY!". And i explained to him "Hey I am not fat you crazy Mexican!". His eyes lit up like a spanish skillet flame and his chest poked out with pride "I HAIL FROM ITALY!!!". And then im like "Oh shit sorry bro". And the mexi-er-Italian said "Tis okay i get it all the time son". And he apolojized and said "since you have shown so much valor today in my castle of Mcdonalds i shall grant thee 3 extra M & M's for though good deed". And we sang and rejoiced over the victory. It would have lasted longer if he had not had to get called on to go clean some kids puke up. But before he left he looked at me sternly and said "I shall meet thee on a forum on the internet you shall search for the right one". "Till then Farewell He of fair eyes".
And before i could say anything he dissappeared in a cloud of smoke and only the smell of fresh tacos remained.
And that is my story i never got my mcflurry that day *Tear*. The only clue he gave me was..."Search for the Snuggly moderating italian". Ever since then i have searched the land of the internet for only the mightiest of forums and so i find this one the most worthy. So if anyone has a hint to where i may find him please help. Also i have a secret...I know it seems like we are all friends but i have a dark secret. I HAVE NO COOKIES. I JUST WANTED YOU ALL TO LIKE ME TO REALLY LIKE ME. but w/e ill start posting when i meet some people. TA-TA! ;)


Secret Agent
Staff member
In response to your first sentence, welcome. :)

As for the rest.. I'm not even going to try to come up with an intelligent response for that... :D Was certainly an interesting read though. :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Welcome, and please, make some topics and strike up some conversation.


Registered Member
lol that story is hilarious!!! welcome to this forum that i think is the best forum on the web (unless the other forums i go to are reading) lol jk... anyway... GO TO THE HOMESTARRUNNER WEBSITE!!!
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