Welcome to...... NBA JAM!


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Does anyone remember playing NBA Jam in the arcades? Does anyone remember how that game set the standard for easter eggs and codes? I mean, you could enter a set of secret initials, birthdates, and you'll have Al Gore and Bill Clinton on the same team! How the hell did they get away/or permission to do that? I also remember the follow-up, NBA Jam Tournament Edition AKA NBA Jam T.E.

It improved over the first with updated graphics, dunks, and of course rosters/codes. You could even play as Reptile, Raiden, Sub-Zero & Scorpion. Hah, I even remember the rumors flying around that you could play as Shaq and Jordan. But alas, just a rumor. :)

NBA Jam also had a hidden tank game and Pong game. Good times.


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I loved this game. It's one of my favorite, if not my favorite sports games ever. I liked all of these style games, such as NBA Hang-Time, NBA Showtime, etc. I want to see more games like this on newer systems. The real life sports simulations just aren't what I enjoy in a sports game.

Flip dunking while in a blaze of fire is really as good as it gets. BOOOOM-SHOCKALOCKA! (Not sure if I spelled that right! :D)

I would play these games for hours upon hours upon days. They were awesome. I also loved the hidded stuff like in NBA Hang-Time you could play as aliens and odd characters, as well as changing Dennis Rodman's hair color. :D


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That game is responsible for a number of catch-phrases.

"He's on fire!"

"He's heating up!"

And if you want to experience that type of arcade basketball you should check out NBA Street Vol. 2.

I know there's a Vol. 3 but I prefer two, it has tighter gameplay, plus you had rookie Jordan, 1996 Jordan, and Wizard Jordan. Jordan's not in Vol. 3, what a rip-off!