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Design Welcome to moonbase Whaea


Named for the Maori word for "Mother", this base is designed to be a lunar factory for the manufacture and deployment of spacecraft. Power for the station is provided by both a solar array encircling the conical main building, as well as by a laser receiver about 300 meters from the base, which receives and converts laser energy beamed from the Phoenix satellites orbiting Venus. The top of the main building resembles the mouth of a volcano, and leads to the primary launch bay. Particle ray converters (PRC's) are located only 100 meters from the outer perimeter of the solar array. The role of these buildings is to strip metal particles from large energy beams sent from asteroid mining facilities and collect them in a holding bin for processing. It is not legal to mine minerals from the moon due to the critical role of it's mass upon the Earths natural oceanic and seismic cycles. Metal is sent on demand from asteroid mining operations and processed immediately to make spacecraft as orders come in. The low gravity of the moon makes launching of new spacecraft a relative breeze compared to Earth based launches.

Before Whaea base could be built, billions of dollars and years of research were first spent on developing the ultra lightweight and super strong materials from which the base is made, the means by which to cheaply mass produce these materials, 85% efficient photo-voltaic technology, as well other needed technologies and the design of the base itself. The materials and technologies developed for the project have greatly benefited the construction industry on Earth. Commercial sale of these materials has gone a long way toward offsetting the overall cost of the project. Between this and pre-orders of spacecraft to be built at the station, the project is expected to become profitable within it's first 18 months of operation.

... More to come.

- Chameleon

P.S. This is one of my open-ended creative writing projects that I do for fun. Feel free to inquire about the moonbase or offer suggestions. "A New World", "Welcome to My World", and "How to Build a Colonial Space Station" are my other open-ended projects. Feel free to check those out as well if you've not already. :)
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