Welcome to GF Tower!

Whilst having a nostalgic game of Sim Tower, I had a fun idea that I'm hoping people are willing to participate in. Introducing GF Tower.. :)

It's pretty simple. I have designed a pack of apartment block template images. The idea is to pick a room and make it your own. You can write on the walls, add doors, windows, themes, stickmen (or women). Perhaps you could depict a scene like a Jungle, Hospital, Cinema. Anything you like. You do not have to use outside images at all, it's entirely your room. Plaster your own face in there if you want or graffiti away! ;)

  • I have included a (not so well explained) guide below for any one needing a helping hand with MS Paint.

You do not need to be a skilled artist to join in - that's not the idea
. As long as you customized it in your own little way, it's going on top. All the rooms will stack into one tall image that I will keep updated.

There are some rules:

  1. You're welcome to adjust the height of the room (within reason) if you wish but the width must stay the same. It's preferable to keep the dimensions the same, though, but not a rule. You may also have protruding items outside the side walls (sign, washing up line etc) if you desire. If you do, keep in mind the width of the tower image and as best possible try to make sure won't be cut off at the edge.
  2. Try and keep your doodling off the thin brickwork layer around the edge.
  3. Please include your name in your room somewhere.
  4. Save your room in .png format idealy as the quality degrades in some others. If you have any trouble, just use .bmp (bitmap) and I'll convert it myself.
  5. You may add as many rooms as you wish, though your room might be queued to allow some others time to sandwich inbetween first.
  6. If you want to update or even replace one of your old rooms, you're welcome to do so. I won't be moving rooms around for any other reason though. Your neighbours are for life, as is your room position.
  7. For various reasons, I have to rule out animated (moving/changing) images.

I will include the original .psd file if people want to edit the colours in photoshop (just change the color overlay style on the floor, side wall and roof layers). If you would like a particular theme, just ask (background wall color, side wall color and ground color) and I'll post it asap.

Here are some of the current rooms available. Save them and open them up in your choice of painting program (even MS Paint will suffice :)). This list is not complete and there may be newer rooms available.

For the latest full pack of rooms, download here:

Right click and save.

For any one that would like it, the Photoshop PSD for the room: download here.

Once the tower gets too big to fully show here, a smaller version might be added. The computer I'll be updating this on for most part will be a very age one and so a good measure of whether or not it's grown too large. If you do start having problems loading the page though, let me know. A perminant link to the full version though:

Click For The Latest, Full-Size, GF Tower

I stress once again, this is for fun - you don't have spend hours building a masterpiece. Just see what you come up with and your place in GF Tower will be added.

Doodle on one of the rooms in the spoiler or download pack and not the actual image further below! :lick:

A Beginners Guide to MS Paint

(my attempt at one, anyway :)) :
I will say that MS Paint is not a great program for anything remotely advanced but it will suffice for this. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Paint.NET owners will have a much easier time. A proper Magic Wand Tool and layers are your best friends. I recommend Paint.NET as a better, free and moderately easy alternate to MS Paint. This guide is for the latter only though, as I assume any one with a proper program already knows the process.

Quick Version:

If you have already have some knowledge and want a quick start - open the room you have chosen in one copy of MS Paint, then open a second copy of MS Paint and open an image (or copy the image in your browser, then go to paste - Edit -> Paste in MS Paint) from the net into this one. Then, choose the Free Form Select Tool (star shaped icon on the button) and trace around the part of the image that you want to include in your room, as best possible. Then go to Edit -> Cut. Switch over to the other instance of MS Paint you have open and go to Edit -> Paste. Resize it, move it into place then use the Pick Color tool to select the background color of your room and paint over any junk space (or use the Paint Bucket Tool if it's a viable option) that remains. When done, save as a .png file, upload and post.

  • Hopefully, most people will know all they need to by now. If not..
Long Version:

Obvious stuff out the way..

You'll find MS Paint from the Start button, then Programs -> Accessories -> Paint/MS Paint

Then you'll either need to choose a room from the samples in the spoiler above, or pick one from the downloadable room pack linked next to it. Right click and save it onto your comp. Open the file from inside Paint.

Now you can either doodle using the random tools on the left or you can add images from the net in with your picture. Due to difficulties and limitations within Paint, it's better to choose image with as little detail in the background as possible behind what you intent to add to your room (unless you're actually looking to add the entire image and are just going to resize it in).

Surf the net, find something you want and then right click the picture and choose Copy (Internet Explorer) or Copy Image (Firefox) then switch back to Paint and choose Edit -> Paste.

You'll then have a chance to resize the image so it fits into your room as you want it. Don't worry about all the things you want to remove from the picture just yet.

The quality will deteriorate a little the more you resize it, especially if you do it several times. Try and do it in one take if possible. Once you have it the size you want, move your cursor onto the actual image until you get an icon of arrows pointing north/south/east/west and drag the image over to where you want it in your room.

Time to clean up a bit. As you can see, my food image is against two different coloured backgrounds.

The Paint Bucket Tool would be an option here, as the background is all white but I'll write as if the background was chaotic and the bucket tool isn't an option.

To fix it and rid the picture of the unnecessary area around my burger/tin, I'm going to paint over the white areas, using the same colours as the background it rests on, so it blends in.

Top half first: Choose the icon left of the magnifying glass, above the spray can - the 'Pick Color Tool', and then left click anywhere in the 'background colour one' area. That now becomes the current paint colour. Now choose the paint brush tool from the left or the pencil tool if you want more accuracy and start to paint over the parts you want removed.

You can use the magnifying glass tool (choose it then click where you want zoom in on the picture. To zoom out, click the tool icon again and anywhere on the image, again) if you want to make it a bit easier for yourself.

Remember Edit -> Undo if you make any mistakes.

Obviously I can't use the same colour to clean up the bottom half as I did the top, it wouldn't match the background. So for the bottom half, I use the Pick Color Tool again and this time click in the 'background colour two' area. Same as before, paint away until it blends into the background and you should end up with your image sitting cleanly in your room.

When you're finished, you'll want to save it as a .png file. To do that; go to File -> Save As and change the box next to 'Save as type:' to 'PNG (*.png)' then save away. Upload to imageshack.com or anywhere you like and post the link. Job done!


I've tried to explain this as best possible but I'm no expert at this thing and have probably made it look a longer and more complicated process than it actually is. There might even be easier methods. Share away if I've missed the obvious.

Once you have the idea, it's pretty easy to do. Knowing the steps, I could literally do all the above in about 1 minute without needing any real skill.

Any other questions for clarity or otherwise, please ask away.

The ground floor room is my first contribution. I won't bother posting it seperately.

Feel free to add any questions or suggestions. Hope to see you around the building soon!


Also welcome to post smaller contributions such as your own clouds, birds and alien ships to sit in the sky line outside. Try and keep it close to the general style though. Black/dark borders are good. (This only applies to these small items - the inside of rooms are free to take any style)

Enough of the chit chat and on to the show.

Latest General Forum Tower:

If the tower's missing, I'm almost definately in the middle of uploading it again so just refresh in a minute.

Thanks to all that contribute! :cool:
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We're only allowed one room? Count me in, but I won't be turning anything in probably for about a week.
I wasn't sure whether to go with one room each but I thought it might shoot up a bit faster without limits. If people think it'd be more unique as one room each that'd be fine too though. Anything to get people moving in. Thanks for the interest Hiei, no rush. I'll have the construction guys on standby! :) Look forward to seeing your room too Miss Bliss.


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Ok, here's a legitimate question. If I can't modify the dimensions, I imagine that's so it'd look pretty on the sides. Can I make my room taller so I can have a gigantic swinging pendulum in it?
For the sake of the neighbours below, I'm definitely OK with that! As you say, it's just the width that really matters, to keep it tidy and aligned. Moderate adjustments to the ceiling are no big deal. I'll update the 'rules'. Feel free to raise the roof. :D

Updated the image a tiny bit and added a bit more info.
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I don't even have Paint on this computer. :lol:

When I get my hands on my other laptops, you bet I'm going to make some ysabel rooms.
Look forward to peeking inside your room(s) ysa. :D

Blissy, that pic went from friendly to nightmarish in the space of one face! Glad I'm not the bartender. Nicely done :) I'll let floor two know their room's being knocked out.

[Now if I could find where you saved the thing on this comp. Eh.. right click and save time.]
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