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Welcome to Colorado Springs


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It's sad to watch....sure, some will laugh a time or two, but I don't guess they know much else to do.
My younger brother lives in Colorado Springs.....sadly, we aren't on the best speaking terms, but I worry about him.
Knowing he has lived his entire life in Tennessee, until 2008 when Dad passed away, makes me even more unsettled, I don't think he could take it or make it!
Damn, people should stay home, why try and drive??
Apparently if they're going to be going anywhere, they're going on foot, so might as well start out that way.


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The problem is that people don't understand 4-wheel drive.

It helps you get going but it's definitely not going to help you stop. There are a lot of bad drivers around here.


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That was a little insane. Slow-Mo pile up. We don't get snow here, so excuse me if this is a really dumb question, but do you get special tyres (queen's English thank you, but for the sake of you Americans - tires) for driving in the snow? There was obviously something about this roads angle as well. I loved the 4x4 truck who thought he'd make it, and he nearly did, but once his tires (*cringe*) locked, it was like watching the ballet - gracious chaos!


4 legs good 2 legs bad
That's pretty nuts. Looks like people just shouldn't have been driving up that road to begin with if big pickup trucks were sliding down.


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Dang, 317 views when I posted this last night. Now it has over 51,000. It's safe to say it's going viral!
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