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Welcome Sian


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Welcome Sian

Welcome Sian to pop malt.
She has been a good friend of mine for years and I met her at another forum.
Please make her feel welcome and I can tell you she is a loyal friend.

Make yourself at home and jump on in.
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hi this is a friend that i met at a Christian forum. i've been e-mailing back and forth to her for years.
she's a kind woman and good listener. even though she's a simple woman she is super talented in what she can do.
she is close to her family and like to visit her often. i asked her to join because there was only 2 women posters currently.
need more women to make the board more balanced in viewpoints.

i am asking 3 more friends but 2 of them are males. one who is popeye that has only 2 posts here and get him to come back.
i lnow how men think because i'm one myself. there's too much emphasis on sports and politics.
that's why i asked sian and some others here because they like variety posting.

anyway you will like sian because she is easy to get along with. so sian i hope you enjoy your stay here.
welcome aboard sian to the friendly community of pop malt.


Better Call Saul
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Welcome aboard Sian...hopefully you'll see this soon and tell us a little about yourself.


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Thank you! CubsMascot, you're too kind in all you said about me :)

Hi Millz! Glad to be here :)

What can I say about myself... I'm 65, I do crafts, crocheting, and I make prayer beads to sell on the Etsy website, and I go to church. I'm married to a civil engineer (retired) and we have two grown kids ages 35 and 39; our daughter is a veterinary technician (animal nurse) and our son works for the Denver Post Online. I'm slightly disabled, I walk with a cane due to complications from diabetes and spent most of the past 5 years having surgery on my feet and getting them healed up so that I can walk.


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums. Make yourself feel at home.


Free Spirit
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Welcome to the forum Sian.