Welcome Me!


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Hello All!

My names Chuck, you can call me that or Charles if you like.
I like playing on ebay, buying and selling stuff all the time.

Hope to enjoy these forums, and hopefully ya'll give me a warm welcome.


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*Anagrams his name several times* Oh uhhh Hi there :D Welcome to AF. I see you've got your coffee, now just prop your feet up and you'll be right at home :D How did you hear about us?


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No no no, I did it more than once I swear... see
Each Lucky Fur

Now how'd I come up with that if I didnt do it more than once? :D :cute: :p


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Thanks for the warm welcome AngelsPeak, iggyshotthebear, and Bunny_roses!

How did I hear about this place? Well, was bored and on google lookin for forums, ran across this one, figured since I sell and buy off ebay, I would join up and see how well people here acted!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi and Welcome to AF Chuck....

I take it you are a fan of the movie "Pump up the volume"???
Just watched that one lastnight :nod: :lol:

Just don't pull any H.H.H stuff in here and you will do just fine..
Rember to play nice..And if you need any help feel free to ask...

Well c-ya around the boards Chuck....


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Welcome to the site, Chuck :)

I recall the first time I heard somebody say Chuck U Farley. We were on our way to Oregon. Man oh man, I laff'ed so hard I nearly rolled out the back of the wagon.
Thanks for the welcome Nightsurfer and Roland_Jenkins.

My real name is Charles (most of my friends call me Chuck) and my last name begins with the letter U (but will not divulge that information as I like my privacy) As for the last name, I thought it would be better than being known as Chuck U or Charles U.

Again thanks for the warm welcome!