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Weirdest sound


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What is the weirdest sound that a particular band has created?

I don't mean, in general. I mean the weirdest sound - in the way, that it doesn't seem to follow that band's usual style.
Does anything strike you?

System of a Down's - Dam - It just sounds weird, and I can believe it is their work... because - errr... it is. Yet it just seems strange to me. Different... Off kilter etc.

YouTube - System Of A Down - Dam #15



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Never heard that SOAD track. Interesting. Just did a little research on it, and it probably sounds different because it was before any of their major releases. If you listen to their first album, it sounds kinda similar, and that first album sounds a little different from their most recent stuff.

So, you mean tracks that don't sound like the bands regular stuff, right?

This one from Papa Roach is completely different to anything else i've heard by them. It's actually one of my favourite tracks from their Infest album.

YouTube - Tightrope - PapaRoach (hidden track on Infest)
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^ Top that people. Absolutely fabulous choice the Impact. Honestly, that is one stupendous track. And yes, different from the norm as far as Papa Roach go. I still can't rep you --- stop posting good posts damn it.

I still don't consider Dam to similar, even to the 'original' album. It's a strange anomaly for SOAD imo. But nonetheless, I think it is good.
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In 1997 vanilla crooner and former '50s teen idol Pat Boone lost his mind and put out a whole album of "metal" tunes (like "Stairway to Heaven," lol). Outside of Bob Dylan's temporary conversion to Christianity, chronicled in that legend's 1979 album Slow Train Coming, this may be about as big a swerve as music has ever seen.

Click on the second pic for something, eh, completely different...