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What are some things that you love to eat but other people think is weird?

I love bagels with cream cheese and bacon. My family looks at me like I'm crazy when I make this for breakfast

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE curried pigs feet


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I really don't eat that much weird stuff..

Is corn beef hash weird?

My dad eats cheese curls and Cape Cod chips with peanut butter.


i love eating salty and sweet meals at the same time.
for example eating meat with honey or cherry jam; fish with peach jam or meat with nutella choco-cream.;
any kind of vegetables with any kind of jam; put some jam on sous or on french fries .... etc.


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I eat frozen candy, like frozen milkyways, snickers, hercheys bars, etc. All that fun stuff frozen
Is corn beef hash weird?
I loove that.

The only things I can think of where I don't know anyone else who does it is eating bell peppers like apples and eating peas from the bag straight out of the freezer. No weird combos or anything.


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I put ranch on a hot dog if I am going to eat it. I don't find that all that weird though.

I am an insanely picky eater so there isn't much weird that I would consider eating.