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Weird stop motion video


Secret Agent
Staff member
First of all, it's late night/early morning... This may not be as funny during normal day hours.

Somebody sent this to me:


I have to say I am impressed with the time it must have taken to make... yet I'm not sure I am impressed with the video itself.. :)

See what you think. Warning, you cannot get these 3 minutes of your life back after watching. I make no claims to how good this video may or may not be.



Registered Member
I found it quite interesting... at first it was a WTF moment. then I decieded to turn the volume on, and proceded to laugh...

I think the best part is the tag line at the end though
Compfused: Almost better Than Taco's

They must have been bored, because thats alot of stuff they did, poses and all


Registered Member
That is cool! I would love to do something like that with the kids and send it out to family, of course something more kid like tho LOL


Registered Member
as I said, they must have been really bored... getting all the pieces in place, the clothing parts must have taken forever...
and all the pics looks like they didnt move much, that was probably the hardest part