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Weird curiosity

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For those of you that were here and remember, why was 2/22/10 a day that GF had the most users online? If you don't remember, what is your guess for the reason why?


yellow 4!
Well, it was a Monday, and that's probably one of the busiest days of the week for GF anyway since a lot of the members log on whilst at work.

We had a 'postfest' here sometime in mid-February '10, where people [mostly just mods] made a ton of new threads and posts [hitting 100-200 posts in one day], but since not many participated, it could just be that there was a lot of activity in the aftermath of the postfest. Because a lot of members might have avoided the forum during the actual day of posting, but then there's inevitably a lot of new things to reply to. I don't know why that would increase the amount of members online though. Seems like it would just increase activity.

UTM (under the microscope) was popular on the 22nd of February, I think that was probably the day Imp and I spammed it.

aaaand that's about all I got for a guess. No idea, really. :lol:


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I've wondered about this, too. The spike seems anomalous when contrasted with the online numbers I've seen, before or since that day. One guess is that a zippy GF thread was featured on Digg or whatnot for a time and a lot of gawkers entered through that portal.
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