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Weightwatchers joins McDonalds


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The slimmers organisation Weight Watchers has teamed up with fast-food giant McDonald's in New Zealand -- in a deal that some of their members are finding difficult to stomach.

Food for thought as Weight Watchers join McDonald's - Yahoo! News UK

What are your thoughts / opinions on this?
Seems like a crazy idea at first, but looking deeper into it it could be a good thing. Everybody wins. McDonalds gets more busines, the slimmers get to eat McDonalds without substituting points, and Weight Watchers gets more exposure. I can see this becoming worldwide soon.


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Seems like a crazy idea at first, but looking deeper into it it could be a good thing. Everybody wins. McDonalds gets more busines, the slimmers get to eat McDonalds without substituting points, and Weight Watchers gets more exposure. I can see this becoming worldwide soon.
I'm sure it will, they're already talking about it in the UK & the US.

I'm not too sure I'm completely sold on it... A major part of me is thinking, they're totally going against the principal of losing weight / cutting calories, etc... I mean fast food is a huge culprate within all this mass weight-gain in many, many countries... It's like giving the "okay" to eat fast food when it's clearly not okay, unless of course they know the meaning of "moderation" and "once in a while" but those who are obese from not eating properly / living on fast food / processed food / junk, etc. this is a terrible idea imo and more than likely will weaken and break those who have tried so very hard to stay away from fast food chains and have actually learned how to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their family back into their old eating habits. . .it's like giving a heroin addict the choice of having either heroin or paracetamol. . .at some point that addict is going to go for the heroin if it's in front of his / her face.


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I think this sounds like a step in the right direction because fighting obesity has to start at the sources and fast food places are pretty solid sources of weight gain. Why not introduce low-calorie food?


rainbow 11!
This wouldn't be an issue if people would understand and use moderation. :/ Granted, I'm guilty of over indulging. But right now I'm trying really hard to lose weight and it's working.


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, people are the source. If you want to lose weight don't eat fast-food then, make a boxed lunch. Whichever.

Me, however, it doesn't bother me (not because I don't live in NZ) but because I only eat fast-food maybe once a month... one meal. Last year I ate at Mc. Donalds three times. Twice during the Shamrock shake month(s), and one random time because I really enjoy the breakfast burritos.

My first job was working at Mc. Donalds. I got it one month after I turned 14 and didn't quit until several months before I turned 18. I ate their A LOT. Every shift I had a meal, and let me tell you, I ninja'd enough chicken nuggets to feed a herd of elephants for a year. I didn't do any sports, and I sure the heck didn't exercise much. I walked away from that job still being 135 lbs.

You're probably wondering, am I missing the point of this? Yeah. Because I know enough to restrain myself and eat in moderation to not care what it is I am eating. However, when I DO actually eat at my favorite fast-food restaurants I like to see the same menu that I have come to love, and if WW is effecting my menu then I can't say I am not bothered.

But if they are just putting their labels on certain meals, so people who trust in WW can properly follow their diet, then I see no problem in it. Not at all.


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Well quite obviously the people on weight watchers understand moderation...they are on a points plan, they know they can't eat more than their points, so are they really going to overindulge? I think it's a good idea...people are going to crave 'bad' foods, so rather than them going in and eating a bucket load of fries, they can go in and satisfy their brain with the fact they are eating McDonalds which is associated with bad food, but still be eating something relatively healthy.


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I think it's funny, but mostly sad. If somebody is truly looking to lose weight or stay at a certain weight why would they even consider going to McDonald's for anything? Who cares if they introduce low calorie food. That stuff is still terrible for you. Even the salad dressing is about as bad as a burger.

Weight watchers would be better off going to the supermarket and getting some fresh fruits and vegetables.

I might be a bit biased though. I just can't justify going to McDonald's for ANYTHING. Just entering the building makes me feel unhealthy. :lol:


Problematic Shitlord

You need to know how Weight Watchers works. It's not a diet, it's portion control. It's been their deal for a long time. You can eat whatever you want, but it has to fall within your points range. It's a way of adapting your daily routine and lifestyle and changing it into a healthier one by teaching you portion control. A lot of people eat fast food and for someone on WW, this would be a great way to help change them out of their routines.