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    I worked out for about 7 months hardly gained anything accept back problems (had rods put back there a couple years ago). I got my max up to 115lbs and my daily benching was 80lbs id do 3x10 bench press 3x10 incline and 3x10 curls monday-friday. I started eating a lot but it lead to constipation. How do you really gain weight? My dads gf said that you eat amount of protein equal to your wait 100lbs = 100 grams of protein. How do you get that much protein in one day without eating junk food? is there another way? I weigh 100lbs (still).

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    Steak and/or eggs are great for a protein boost.
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    your best friend is peanut butter, and if you can to also get bask squat in there.

    If lifting is causing back problems for you then my first thought would be that you do not have correct form, if I were you then I'd look into exactly what lifting should look like, you're going to get hurt unless you perfect the form for different lifts perfectly, the best way to do that is to go nice and slow with not a lot of weight so you can feel it without having to worry about actually lifting the weight.
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    Protein shakes are loaded with protein, obviously. Also, eat lots of eggs, chicken, peanut butter, etc.
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    Eat Chicken and Turkey. They will not constipate you and are healthy and full of protein.

    Also Pure Protein bars are a good source of protein low calories and low in fat.

    If you want to gain weight eat about 2 grams of protein for every lb.
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    First of all how old are you? And how tall?

    Weighing 100 lbs I'd say you're around 12-13 years. You're not supposed to be able to gain massive amounts of weight at that age.

    And if I read your post properly, you bench 5 days in a row? People have different opinions on how many times you should work out a muscle group but what you're doing right now is just for muscular endurance. It's better to bench twice a week and let your muscles rest. But the amounts of sets and reps is good.

    Another type of food that hasn't mentioned before, is fish. It's white meat, full of protein and low in fat.

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