Weight Questions?



Hey wassup people whats going on. I would like to ask a question like if your meduim seize like if you weigh 182 pounds and have tittes, how many times do you have to work out to be skinny. Its a question that my friend ask me and i'm not very sure so can someoen help me out with this one please i would appreciate it.


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well, the best way to get thin is cardio: cardiovascular activities like running; you know that you are in the cardio zone when your heart pumps a lot.
Another way is to have an healthy diet. Cut the fat out your food.


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Cut the sodas out, especially. Lots of people don't realize those things pack tons of sugar and other unhealthy stuff.

Man boobs huh? I wouldn't try jogging at first, to save embarassment. I would try doing to crunches, push-ups, and weight lifting at home first. After your body is a little bit more toned, you can go jog.


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If your "friend" has never worked out before, if they just lift they'll burn fat, pretty fast too. It's called the "noobie loses".

If they really want to get in good shape though, it'll just take more then that after they've done it.


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Run, do sit ups, push ups, and jumping jacks..... If you have a set of free weights at home or can access a gym, we can give your friend some routines to work with if he is interested.

If you are embarrassed about running, you can always go late at night or at a time when no one is really around.

DDR kicks ass as well.


Thanx people i appreciate it and nice forum i like the place. Anyway how long does it take to get like skinny. I don't mean skinny skinny, i mean like well you know skinny/muscular. If you wokr out everyday how long would it take.


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I was heavier set but I started working out and have been doing so for almost 3 years.

I was going 3 days a week my first 8 months. Changes started to happen after a few months. I was mostly fat at 170lbs. Now I try to lift about 6 or 5 days a week. Now I'm 175 lbs and mostly muscle. Although I could trim some weight I dont like doing much cardio. I went through different phases and weights but if you keep at it within a few montsh alot of your fat will turn into muscle though you may weigh more your shape and appearance will change.


Thanx man its tough though to this stuff during the school days cause you don't have enough time to do stuff. Summer is the best plus if you do it in the heat of the summer you will lose some more fat. Do they have cardio classes in the gyms and stuff. I hope that isn't a dumb question.