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Weight Loss Supplement


Registered Member
We all need a little help sometimes beyond diet and exercise. I have tried a bunch of different weight loss supplements that never really seemed like they worked for me until I started taking 5-HTP for mood. An ironic side effect I noticed was weight loss. Now, 5-HTP is a great supplement for anxiety, mood, depression and even sleep, but I wasn't aware of weight loss until I studied up on it more.

A caveat here is that 5-HTP turns to serotonin in the brain, so if you are already on anti-depressants, it is not a good idea to take 5-HTP. If this doesn't apply to you, and you think 5-HTP might be a help, give it a try and share your experiences!


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Thanks for the advice, @IrishLass2247! You really seem to know your supplements. (Start a blog so I can follow it and get all of your advice.) I might have to give this one a try after the holidays!