The Rock is cooking atm..
I love this band for their weird yet heavy music....it was a spin on alternative/pop sort of rock and it worked for sometime.

My favorite songs would always be Buddy Holly and the Sweater Song.

Not to big a fan of their later work, but it's good that they're still going.

Anyone a fan?


"There can be only one!"
Yeah, I like the Huddy Bolly song... ... ... love the video, especially how Al [the cook] dances.



The Rock is cooking atm..
Buddy Holly had en epic video to go with it.

I actually thought that they were the band in the episode, mind you at the time the video looked really old.

Awesome song still...


Sally Twit
I like old Weezer. I stopped listening to them maybe 3 years ago now. I started listening to them when I heard Hash Pipe on American Pie 2. I had to find out who they were straight away.